Super Saturday!

It’s been a fantastic day! If you’re like me (aka in Chicago) then you’ll have been hearing the Air and Water Show all morning. Did anyone go? I’ve got plans tonight, so I won’t have a chance to.

Here’s an update of the long runs I’ve been doing!
Last week it was 10 solo, with a great view

And a longer-than-usual plank


This week I ran with my CARA group because it was a very daunting 15 miles with another plank and and even better view.

20140816-152025.jpgMy good friend E also ran in my pace group so we could catch up. It’s been ages since we’ve seen each other and I’m glad he was there for support. My legs started turning into lead the last few miles and miles 12-15 are a blur. Thankfully we played games to pass the time! Does anyone remember the game “I’m going on a picnic?” You go through the alphabet and each person adds an object, but you have to remember what everyone else said too? E and I played that for the last 5 miles and it got weird, as things usually do with me.

Speaking of weird, I was surprisingly energetic to get up and run today. Maybe it was the 8 hours sleep I got the night before (note to self Natalia: it’s good for you)

20140816-152522.jpg. This is right before doing jumping jacks at the bus stop at 5:30AM. And also before I learned I put my capris on inside out…

20140816-153109.jpg Whoops!

After the 15, I got home, stretched, and had the 2nd breakfast of champions.

20140816-153210.jpg Carbs+eggs+Sriracha=perfection.

I spent most of the rest of my morning/early afternoon “recovering.” Or, better put, laying on the couch watching Netflix.

I noticed my left IT band was swollen and a little tender when I foam rolled, so I’m giving it extra love. Thankfully it hasn’t been hurting me though; I’m taking that as a good sign!

Now it’s off to a friend’s fundraiser for the evening. More on that soon, and it might involve a celebrity! (The real kind, not just one in my mind)

What’s your favorite breakfast?
How many miles did you run today?


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