An Ish Long Run

Good morning everyone! Today’s run was a total -ish run. Not because it was crap, but because nothing was exact. I forgot to charge my Garmin last night (oops!) so it was completely dead when I woke up this morning. My phone’s running app has been wildly inaccurate so I took to the Google and plotted/memorized a run route and just turned on the stopwatch on my phone.

The results? A 13.1-ish mile run in 2:24:29-ish, average pace 11:02/mile-ish. That’s including a bathroom break, 4 stops for water, and a photo opp or two.

Like this:
And this:20140802-123802.jpg
And me clearly missing the neon yellow/grey/black memo for the day:
20140802-123838.jpgI wore orange. Womp womp.

The great part about this run? I didn’t have a silly watch beeping at me every mile reminding me about how terrible I am at keeping a consistent pace. It was an effort based run so I kept in time with what my body allowed. It was actually pretty low key and not too hard to maintain a conversational pace. And I think I maybe had a negative split because I pushed it the last few miles.
The other great thing? I loved this run so much even though it was super hot (I started late) and I sweat a ton. I could not stop smiling the last 2 miles. Got to love those endorphins.

Now it’s off to shower and prepare for another busy weekend! Have a happy Saturday!

How long did you run today?
Do you every run based on effort or always with a set pace?


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