Where my runs have been taking me

This is clearly going to be one of those summers where life runs the show and not me. Was it just yesterday (the day before maybe?) that I was sitting here thinking about all the awesome things I was looking forward to? Nope, that was June, and now it’s practically August and so many fantastic things have already happened this summer. Here’s a bunch of pictures to bring you up to speed on all the places I’ve been running.

I did some running in Nashville. (Read: just a few miles in the most humid and hot weather I’ve ever run in and I pretty much crashed and burned, then decided not to do that again. It did prep me for humidity in Chicago though.)20140729-181216.jpg

We really were not pleased with the run. It was a miserable experience.


But we made up for it by doing a bunch of strength training outside. Yay side plank selfless!


I’ve run a ton on the Lakefront Trail with my CARA group. We ran past a bunch of people (cadets maybe?) carrying a gigantic log down the path. We all decided we’d rather run our 10 miles than carry that thing for 1.


Most of the CARA group runs have involved meeting up/eating/traveling with this guy!20140729-181635.jpg

I may be the one responsible for him signing up for the marathon this year. Not sorry in the least because now I have a training partner!

Like I said, lots of lake front runs. (PSA: always remember your sunscreen, especially when there is little cloud cover!)20140729-181726.jpg

Spent one of the most fantastic weekends of July celebrating the marriage of these two beautiful people!


Seriously, best wedding I’ve been to ever. They are just the most awesome couple and everything about their reception was totally and unapologetically them. I loved every minute and every detail! (Shout out to my table 9 3/4!!)

And once the wedding was done I got to have this guy as my new running buddy! We did 3 miles and 5 miles together. Look at that nose!


I was pet sitting for the above couple while they honeymooned and loved having a week to be a pet parent. It put a wrench in my training schedule but it was worth it to get my dog and cat fix!20140729-181814.jpg

And that brings us to today, where I found myself in a familiar place!


The weather has been really mild but I really needed to change up my regular runs during the week. My usual paths are getting really boring, so I did about a third of my run around the neighborhood and then the rest on the treadmill. I’m helping prepare myself for the potential mind-numbing boredom that may occur with parts of the 26.2. I cannot believe it’s just 2 months away! How insane!

And a yummy food picture to round things out. I read about this quick dessert of microwaved fruit and almond butter on Carrots ‘N’ Cake and I snuck a little extra in with chia seeds and a sprinkle of chopped pecans for crunch. It tasted decadent!
Where have you been running?


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