Good decisions lead to more good decisions

Good evening! What does everyone think of the new blog design? I was bored and needed a little change; hope you enjoy it!

Today is super special for so many reasons, and already at lunchtime it’s been pretty fantastic! I had a weekend jam packed with work and play, so I’m ready to get back into the grind. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do because today marks the official start of MARATHON TRAINING!

marathon logo
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I am beyond excited to start training, especially since I’ll be running to raise money for Autism Speaks. I’ll have a tab up soon linking anyone interested in donating to my Team Up for Autism Speaks page.

Training started (unofficially) last night and this morning with me keeping up my favorite tradition.
Spirit of the Marathon
I love to watch Spirit of the Marathon whenever I need inspiration to run. Not only is it incredible to watch all the runners on their journeys but its based around the Chicago Marathon so I get that hometown pride from it. No better way to get amped to run Chicago than to watch other people doing it!

Training is off to a great start too, what with having lots of running/workout buddies now. My coworker Joanne and I went for a slow run at lunch. She’s newer to long distance running but we managed to get 2.5 miles and some core work in! It seriously beat sitting in our break room and eating unnecessary food.

Our mid run foot selfie. Finished up with another 3/4 mile at the gym after work to total 3.25. I left work late so by the time I got home I was starving! I’ve made myself a fantastic salad and plan on eating it while foam rolling my quads.

Lentils don’t photograph well. I apologize for that.

I made my own croutons out of these guys and it’s magic.

20140609-201831.jpgOh yeah, yum!

Who’s started their Chicago marathon training?

What good decisions have you made recently?


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