Meliora K Detergent Review!

Disclaimer: Kate at Meliora K reached out to me to do a product review. I was compensated with free product; however, all opinions in this post are my own.

Have you ever thought about what is in your laundry detergent? If you’re like me, the answer is probably not. I really had never thought about that question until Kate from Meliora K reached out to me asking me to review their laundry detergent.

Meliora K is a Chicago based cleaning product company that aims at having simple, honest products. Not only do they list all the ingredients on each of their products, they also share the recipes on how to make each one with anyone interested! I was completely unaware that there is no regulation on cleaning product companies to share their ingredients with the consumer; it makes me wonder what exactly they’re putting in there!

In addition to their ingredient transparency, Meliora K focuses on using non-toxic, environmentally sound ingredients in all their products. When I looked at their products, I noticed that coconut oil was often a main ingredient, and nothing had more than a half dozen ingredients! All the ingredients seemed simple enough and that really made me feel better knowing exactly what I was using. You can find out more on their story and philosophy here.

Like I said, Kate, the company’s founder, gave me a bag of the Right Hand Laundry Soap to test out. The bag seems small but it’s deceiving. One bag can clean about 60 loads! I’ve been using it over the course of a month and I feel like I’ve hardly made a dent in it.

I tested out the Laundry Soap 3 ways; on my regular clothing, on my workout clothing, and as a spot treatment (which I noticed on the bag there were directions for). The first major difference that struck me was that it was completely unscented. Nothing at all. This goes back to their philosophy of being free of all dyes and fragrances, which is great, but it took some getting used to when I washed my clothes. I had to remember that, though my clothes didn’t smell like detergent, they were still getting cleaned. I used it on a few loads of regular laundry and it seems fine! Besides scent, I didn’t notice a difference in my clothes between Meliora K and my usual detergent. It seemed to rinse really clean from my clothes (something that Kate mentioned–the water from laundry is much less toxic than from traditional detergent). The only downside that I noticed was that some of the stains in my clothes did not come out completely with one wash. As a preschool teacher, I’m always getting into messes with my students and my clothes tend to get stains on them more than the average human. In particular, I had some pants with dirt stains on the knees that I got during our outdoor time. After washing them per the brand and Meliora K’s directions, there were still stains.

Those pants are actually what inspired me to do a spot treatment. I used a paste made of the laundry soap and some water to treat the stains, then let them sit overnight and washed them again the next day. Still nothing significant. So for stained clothing (aka whatever I wear to work everyday), I’ll still be sticking to my regular detergent.

However, I have to say I have loved using the Meliora K Laundry Soap on my athletic gear! My workout gear usually does not get very dirty, but it does get veryyyy smelly. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for some very well-scented detergent. The Meliora K soap, surprisingly to me, got all the smells out of an entire load of workout clothes. Including my horrendous smelling socks! (Anybody else get really sweaty feet? Just me? Okay.) I really like that I didn’t need a scent to mask the sweat smell of my clothes; I’m confident my workout clothes are clean when they come out of the wash smelling like nothing. This laundry soap is definitely something I would recommend to anyone who has trouble with smelly work out clothes.

On an interesting note, Kate also mentioned that, because of the purity of the ingredients, this laundry soap does not interfere with the moisture-wicking properties of workout clothing. Since using this on my clothes, I haven’t noticed a difference in my clothing. No news is good news there!

Overall, it may not be as great as other detergents in stain fighting, but Meliora K’s Right Hand Laundry Soap is a great idea for anyone who had problems with laundry odor, or anyone who is looking to incorporate greener products into their homes.

Check out Meliora K and their other products if you’re interested.


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