Getting some reading done

Nothing-and I really mean nothing- beats spending time outside. It is my favorite thing to do, especially when the weather is beautiful like this. I make jokes that I need lots of sunshine to survive but I’m starting to realize it’s true.


After work, I went out to run for a half hour. It was miserably humid and sunny and my body was not acclimated to that kind of running. I only did about 2.5 miles and it included a few walking breaks. A good run just wasn’t happening.

I made a quick dinner, threw some laundry in, and came right back out to do some reading in the park.


I can’t find any reason to complain when the views (and weather!) are this beautiful. Late spring/summer really are my favorite times of year.

I’m reading Hal Higdon’s Marathon in preparation for training, which starts next week! I can’t believe it’s already that time!

What marathon literature have you read? Anyone have thoughts on Higdon’s book?


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