What I’m doing to get back on track

Like I mentioned last week, keeping up with my goal list for 2014 has been less than successful. In some ways, I’ve been pretty good about it (#3 has been particularly good) but in others, not so much. The one that stands out to me most is #4. I am no closer to goal weight than I was in January, really. This may be bothering me most because it could be the nature of the goal. I haven’t gotten closer, nor have I been putting in an incredible effort to.

What do you mean fro-yo isn’t an acceptable dinner option? Chips and salsa?

Oh well, live and learn. (This has been my mantra lately.) I’m taking more steps to really be mindful of what I eat and, more importantly, how much I eat. These last few days I’ve taken a really good look at what unhealthy habits I have and how to remedy them. After all, a healthy body is 75% based on diet. It’s science 😉

I’ve snack when I’m bored. Or tired. Or alone and bored by the DVR (oops, already said that). Or upset. Really, I’m an emotional eater. Always have been, always will be if I don’t check myself. I will go into the kitchen a trillion times in the evening and just find random things to snack on, even though I am not at all hungry.
Solution?Need to remind myself of that and ask myself “am I hungry or does almond butter just sound fun right now?” Also, I could do with going to sleep earlier if I’m tired instead of chowing down on crud.

I sometimes eat two lunches. The nature of my profession requires that my class and I eat family style, and I am supposed to try the food we are served as a role model of good eating habits, etc. This is all well and good but sometimes if I pack a lunch I’ll eat that too, after I’ve already eaten with my class. Not smart.
Solution? Make up my mind which I want to eat. Or just stop packing lunches.

More solutions that don’t fit under a specific category:
-Drink more water. I have water bottles at home and at work, but now I’m carrying another one around with me everywhere. It stops the temptation of buying snacks while I’m out by keeping me full.
-Chew gum. I used to do this a lot and it kept me from bored-eating but for whatever reason I stopped. Starting up again. Ditto with the not buying food since I’m chewing a great piece of minty gum. Plus, great breath all day long. Win-win.
-Keep a snack. I now have a little baggy of trail mix in my purse. And since that’s not Starbucks or frozen yogurt, I think that’s a success.

Finally, I can remind myself of what the real goal is in this weight loss. I’m trying to run long distances here. You can’t fuel a marathon body on garbage!

How do you keep on track?


2 thoughts on “What I’m doing to get back on track

  1. I have totally had frozen yogurt or ice cream for dinner before… usually during the period of time when it is hot outside but the high rise I live in has not turned on the AC… need to cool off somehow. Or if it is just way too hot outside in general.

    I try to avoid buying snacks to keep me from eating when bored. If I don’t have it in my kitchen, I won’t eat it. But eating when bored is a HUGE problem I have. And I still do it… though, not as much as I used to.

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