Dashing and then dashing!

Good morning everyone! Today is a busy one for me but I’m stopping by the blog to give everyone a little love. I woke up, totally relaxed, before my 6:00AM alarm. I’m not one to sleep in anyway but I usually reserve the early early mornings for long runs and weekdays. (Those of you that know me know that I’m up before 5 every day, but I like to sleep in just a litttttle bit on the weekends. This is just insane though.) Oh well, after tossing and turning a few minutes I decided it was time to get up, make breakfast, and take on the day!

My favorite thing about weekends is that I have time to spend on making breakfasts and they are some of my favorite meals of the week. This morning I made an egg over easy and served it on half an english muffin.
I put some preserves on the other half and had blueberries on the side, but just a few bites in I decided to go really wild and turn that jelly half on its head and make a sandwich of it all.
Sweet, savory, crunchy, gooey? I don’t think I’m ever going back. YUM!

After breakfast I did a few minutes of core work (planks, side planks, super mans) while catching up on some Jimmy Fallon. That Will Ferrel v Chad Smith drum-off was hilarious! I’m off for a quick run now, then have to pack and get ready to leave for the suburbs all weekend. My friend Joanne is picking me up and we’re going to our friend Emily’s bachelorette party! I love a great, celebration packed weekend!

Enjoy your weekend!

What’s the weirdest food combination you like?


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