Sproing Fitness! and a fun offer for you!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Please tell me you’re BBQing this weekend, wherever you are. I know I am, and probably more than once! My kind of weekend 🙂

This past week, on Wednesday, I was invited to try out a free workout at the new Sproing Sport studio in Chicago! Sproing Sport is a studio that offers classes on a Sproing Trainer, which is a kind of hybrid harness-strength training-trampoline machine. It was invented by Paul Toback and Steve Lenz, who were inspired to find a way to have high intensity workouts that were still low impact. The result is this fun machine that has a soft pad to stand on, a belt to harness you in, and handles that offer resistance training. It is definitely like nothing I’ve ever seen before!

I met my amazing friend Caitlin at the studio, which is in the Old Town neighborhood, super convenient to get to! We weren’t trying to twin, but we obviously can’t help it.
[Sweaty, pink, post workout twinning selfie!]

The studio itself is small, but really clean and bright, which I love! It just opened up a month ago and is the first of its kind, ever! Caitlin mentioned it, and I thought so too; we were loving the color orange they have everywhere! The studio’s manager, Ingrid, was also incredibly friendly and amazing! You can tell she’s very enthusiastic about the Sproing way of life, and loved talking about it with everyone. Once we all got there, she set us up with waters and sweat towels and brought us into the studio to get started!

Jennifer was our instructor and she helped us all get set up on the Sproing Trainers, adjusting our resistance on the bands and the harness. I felt like a kid on a trampoline when I stepped on; the pad was really soft, like a deflated air mattress!


Doesn’t it look awesome? And a blurry action shot because really, you can’t step on the Sproing without jumping around.


Once we were all locked and loaded, Jennifer took us through what the HIIT training would look like and we practiced all the moves. The format was several rotations of 2 different moves at a time; 20 seconds of high intensity cardio move, 10 seconds rest, then 20 seconds of a strength or resistance training followed by 10 seconds rest. The cardio was usually forward or backward sprints (they used the Pose Method of running when we did so, fyi.)

After reviewing all the components, we were ready to go. This workout was a sweat fest! Jennifer was wonderful at getting us motivated to push ourselves and moving us through the different exercises. I even caught myself sprinting at about a 6:00min/mile pace (!!!) which is unheard of for me. Jennifer kept yelling for us to “pull!” which got my turnover crazy fast. I was definitely pushing myself to be faster each time. And I was really thankful for those 10 second rest intervals too! The harness also forced me to engage my core much more; the pull of it tempted me to stop having a flat back and I had to work to maintain that.

The resistance training and strength training moves were also really difficult. I didn’t realize how much the soft surfacing would challenge me when doing something as simple as a lunge or a squat. I really had to focus on form and it made me work really hard. My favorite move that we did was the anti-revolution, where we took one of the handles and held it out in front of us, working against the resistance trying to turn our bodies. There was no motion in that move but I felt my obliques and core fired up the entire time! I loved it!

The class itself was really high energy! The music was great, Jennifer was also energetic, and the clean bright studio kept me alert the whole time. There were a few moments where things were a little awkward, switching between movements and grabbing handles, or clipping and unclipping out of the harness, but Ingrid herself said that the second class is much smoother than the first! I’m definitely going to go back and try it out again. And guess what, you can too!

Sproing is giving a special offer to all my readers. When you go and mention the name of my blog, you’ll get an extra free class on your account! Chicago readers, go try it out and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: Sproing Fitness invited me to try out their new studio for free, but all opinions and sweaty pictures are my own.


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