Life’s hardest decisions

Who is as excited as I am for the 3 day weekend coming up?! I have tons to do and plans pretty much every day this weekend, so I can’t wait.

I went to a class at the brand new Sproing studio that opened up in Chicago (review to come really soon!) and my body was feeling pretty tired today. Not quite sore, but I might be tomorrow, so I spent my afternoon planning out the weekend and stretching. My hip flexors are (as usually) pretty tight.

Dinner came together in the form of a salad with all the tomatoes:
There are two big tomatoes in there. I cannot get enough of them ever, but especially now with the warmer weather. I topped it with some new-to-me Frontera salsa.

It’s pretty yummy! I’m not usually crazy about tomatillo salsas but all the chiles and garlic made me change my mind. Good risk I took!

Now it’s on to go on to some of the really tough decisions I have to make today:
I have an Essie problem. But if it’s wrong I don’t to be right!

What’s on your nails today?
What’s your favorite salsa?


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