One bite girls night!

How has everyone’s weekend been? Mine has been busy and oh so fun! I have a few minutes before going to meet up with a friend so I’m going back over my weekend. Saturday was such a fun one and I wanted to share the adventures!

Saturday was a really easy morning, which consisted of a relaxed breakfast and some catch up on my DVR.
Toast with nut butter and banana (one half had peanut, the other had almond). And an iced almond milk latte to go with it!
Once I was all caught up it was time to go for a run outside!
I can’t tell you how happy I am that winter finally seems to be leaving Chicago and we’re seeing signs of spring! I have been itching to run outside more than usual. It must be all the exceptionally cold winter days we’ve had. Cabin fever is in full swing! Did a 3 mile loop near on the lake in some new shoes. I’ll be sure to fill you in on them once I’ve put more miles on them. But, while I was running I saw bibs going by and, after some googling, I figured out it was The Chicago Ultra 50K! Eek! It put my short run into perspective. All the runners looked so strong!

After my run I ran a bunch of errands, had time for a quick shower, and then headed over to my friend Caitlin’s place for our one bite girl’s night! Sometimes I see pretty things along the way:

Our one bite girl’s night was an idea we thought of after several beers in Nashville in February. We decided to have a dinner potluck, but everything had to be served in single bite sized servings! Shenica and I got there and we finished up our dishes, with Caitlin’s help.
The girls hard at work!
Toasted bread with goat cheese…I would have been perfectly content with just that.

The final products!DSC00034
Five fantastic and delicious dishes! Caitlin even went nuts and bought wonton soup spoons so our one bites could look legitimate! Shenica made toast with goat cheese and seasoned squash and a to-die-for chocolate and raspberry brownie! Caitlin made steak and potatoes! I made an arugula salad that I found here. It was simple and so delicious! My piece de resistance was shrimp and grits!

I had decided almost two months ago that I wanted to make shrimp and grits as my one bite dish and I did not disappoint! I got the recipe from here and it was amazing! I added a bit more cheese to the grits than it called for, and loads of pepper. The sauce smelled amazing! And everything was so good! (I think I went back for about 35 extra spoonfuls of Caitlin’s mashed potatoes. They were divine!)

After dinner we went out for drinks. It was a perfect girls night!

Ladies: what’s your favorite girls night? Gents: what do you like to do when it’s just the guys?


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