Sources of joy

Happy Friday to everyone! I hope you all have fun or restful or relaxing or exciting weekends planned! Looking at my calendar I realized my April is pretty full of events, so I may make the most of this night with no plans and relax.

I know I’m always talking about running and how awesome it is and how living a (mostly) healthy lifestyle is really good for you and makes us happy, but there are so many ways we find happiness. I wanted to share one of those sources of joy with you: my job.

I know, none of you believe I actually find joy in my 9-5, but I swear it’s true. Working with two and three year olds can be very draining (emotionally, physically, everything-ly) but the rewards are huge. Today was one of those days that remind me exactly why I love my job as much as I do. And, for those of you that may have trouble finding the joy lately, I want to brighten your day like my students brightened mine.


Today at snack one of my students announced that she wanted to “do Halloween” today! All the other students were really excited to and when I asked her what she wanted to dress up has, she said “orange chicken.” 😳

We went with it though and after snack we got art supplies and all made costumes! In April!


In case you can’t read it, the costumes are the following:
-Orange chicken
-Chicken nuggets
-Bowl of soup

I can’t get enough of their creativity! After we finished, we got buckets (plastic cups) and surprised 3 other classes by trick-or-treating. I brought them candy counting toys right before the kids came, but otherwise no one had any idea what we were doing. I can’t get over the surprise on their faces and the joy my kids felt! They were so excited by this and I left work beaming today. (Thanks to my colleagues Joanne, Amanda, and Sarah for playing along!)

My students this year are the coolest, weirdest, most wonderful and creative group I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and the way they play together is just amazing to see! They really are the reason I love what I do.

Question: what brings you joy?
What’s something amazing that’s happened to you recently?


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