Training Recap: 03/24/14-03/30/14

Happy Monday everyone! My day started out at a bit of a scramble but is hopefully going to end much better. The warm up in the weather (it’s about time Chicago!) doesn’t hurt either. Here’s a quick recap of my training in the last week.

Monday, 3/24. Scheduled: Stretch and strength
Did a lot of leg stretching, not so much strength training. Oops, live and learn.

Tuesday, 3/25. Scheduled: 3 easy miles
I met my friend Madeline at the gym after work and we did this treadmill workout from PB Fingers. It’s one of my favorites. We totaled 2.85 miles at an average pace of 10:20, but don’t let that fool you. We were really hauling in parts of that workout and definitely worked up a sweat. I felt sluggish all day and felt that too at the end of the run.

Wednesday, 3/26. Scheduled: Speedwork 5×400
Ended up cutting this one short. One mile warm up at 10:00 min/mile, then 4×400 @ 7:30 with quarter mile recoveries at 10:00 min pace. It was hard and the tuna sandwich I had at lunch was not a good idea before this. I felt heavy the whole time. I did discover, however, that Avici’s Wake Me Up is the exact length of time for one 400 split with a 400 recovery at the speeds I did.

Thursday, 3/27. Scheduled: 4 easy miles
That didn’t happen. My day was nuts.

Friday, 3/28. Scheduled: Rest
That did happen. My day was less nuts. It was nice.

Saturday, 3/29. Scheduled: Rest
Rescheduled those four miles from Thursday to today. Ran them inside at 10:00 min pace. It was easy, not too strenuous, and felt good. I tried out a new pair of shoes that have less cushioning than my usual Asics Gel Nimbus and my feet felt a little more fatigued than usual.

Sunday, 3/30. Scheduled: 5 miles LSD
I used the Shamrock Shuffle for this! It’s an 8K but my Garmin clocked me in at 5.23 miles at an average pace of 10:23, which is the exact pace I was aiming for! My splits were 10:31, 11:25 (walked while my friend got water at an aid station), 10:24, 10:01, 9:56, and 2:03. I really do need to work on being more consistent with my pacing. I’m going to try and use my Garmin to help me from now on but I was going off of effort. I felt awesome the whole race so a good run indeed.

Total mileage: 15.08
It’s a start! And it feels really good to be running for a reason again!


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