What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Well to begin with, my day started with this:
Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 6.25.46 AM
So that’s great, or not. I’m sure all Chicagoans agree, and everyone else is sick of hearing it, but this winter has been absolutely brutal. And I, for one, am ready for it to end. Monday’s weather was amazing and it felt really good to run outside again but that’s clearly short lived. Guess it’s back to the gym for this one!

And now for a quick installment of What I Ate Wednesday!

photo 3
Breakfast: I made myself some oatmeal and mixed in shredded coconut and slivered almonds. It reminded me slightly of an Almond Joy!

Lunch: I didn’t get a picture, but last night I roasted a few leftovers that I had lying around. I gave up meats and sweets for Lent and have been having some fun trying to fill the holes with lots of healthy proteins. Normally, I eat the food that my school provides (it’s one of those preschool teacher requirements) but I’ve found it pretty difficult to eat a complete meal now that I’ve cut out meats. I have therefore been bringing more of my own food in to eat as well. Today’s roasted veggies: asparagus, mushrooms, and a sweet potato. I rounded it out with some quinoa and lentils. I’ve really been digging quinoa lately. Delicious!

photo 2
Dinner: This meal came together in no time, thanks to a bunch of leftovers. I had some salmon left over so I put that, guacamole, spinach, bell pepper, and some homemade cowboy caviar with lentils onto a spinach tortilla from Trader Joe’s. (The cowboy caviar was made a few days ago, but the proportions are a little off. I’ll post a recipe once I perfect it!) I have this problem where I always put way too much stuff on a tortilla and can’t fold it up to properly eat it. Fortunately I had a few baked blue corn tortilla chips to pick up any falling pieces.

I had a few pinches of shredded coconut for dessert. So good!

Workout: I wanted to run outside, but couldn’t find my jacket for the cold. So instead I did some arms and abs, partially inspired by this PB Fingers workout. My arms were really burning by the end!

What did you eat today?


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