Motivation Monday

Good Afternoon!

Work and personal issues have been keeping me away from the blog for a while, yet again. I’m not sure how I managed to do all this last year, but I’m determined to get back into blogging more full time! The exercise and healthy living have been here, I swear, they just haven’t been documented very well. Whoops 😦

That being said, I’m going to try to create a little more structure in my blog entries, instead of just word-vomiting my day at you (which is sometimes nice, but sometimes gets boring.) I want to start things off with a little Motivation Monday! What a great way to start the week! And, of course, it gives me an excuse to browse Pinterest.




That last one can apply to quite a few situations in my life, like this blog thing I’ve figured out how to put off. No more!

How difficult was it to work out for you today? Super easy, since it was the first warm day all year!


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