Gym Etiquette

Happy Saturday all!

Hope your weekend is off to a good start. Mine started with the usual: coffee, breakfast, and Food Network. (I can’t get enough of that Pioneer Woman!)

Despite the fact that it has been snowing all day and is pretty cold, I was really feeling a smoothie this morning, so that’s what I had! Today’s included kale, raspberries, blackberries, chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, some almond milk, and chia seeds on top. It wasn’t until after I had blended it that I realized I forgot to put in a banana, one of my smoothie must-haves. Oops. I just ate it on the side instead. It happens.

After my favorite lazy morning, I got down to cleaning the apartment and, when cabin fever hit, I stopped by Starbucks to get some work done.

On the agenda? Uploading a monstrous amount of pictures up on to this bad boy, some posts I have planned, and figuring out what to do for the most important meal of the year my birthday. It requires a lot of thoughtful planning and coordination; it’s not every day I turn 25 you know. I’ll let you know what the winner is when I figure it out.

But since this is a healthy living blog, I suppose I should fill you in on my healthy living habits as of late. For the most part it’s been more of the same, but I can tell you there are two things that have changed:

I like biking and I’ve learned to love kale.


That second one took even me by surprise. I wasn’t aware I would have a place in my heart for any leafy green besides spinach (my truest love) but as it turns out I can make kale work. As long as it’s cooked, that is. Or blended into a smoothie. I can’t quite get on the raw kale salad train. Yet.

The biking big surprises me less. The other day I tried a Spin class at my gym with my friend Madeline. How wonderful is it, by the way, when you don’t realize your friend is a member of the same gym as you and then you run into him/her! It’s given me more motivation to walk to the gym in the crazy cold too. I can’t bail on a friend!

Anyway, we took a spin class for the first time for us both and we loved it! I’m always nervous to try new things on my own but with a friend it was much less intimidating. The class was incredible though; after realizing exactly what kind of pain we got ourselves into, the time flew by and I got a really great work out in. I liked it so much so that I went back again a few days ago, on my own.

This time I felt way more understanding of what the instructor was saying, and I was able to push myself more than last time since I knew what I was in for. (Also, yes, I am very aware that I am ages late to the Spin craze, but better late than never, right?) My only major issue with the class yesterday was that, right before the class started, a woman sat in the bike in front of me with a crop top and low cut pants. Not a problem, usually, but I got very annoyed that I saw progressively more of her underwear as the class went on and her pants started riding down. Not cool

It’s not my style to vent about others but that class did get me thinking about what should and should not be allowed at gyms. Which brings me, to my list of the Dos and Don’ts of the Gym.
*This isn’t a list of real rules, just the stuff that I think is important in being a polite gym-goer*

Wear gym-appropriate gear: Just because it has laces doesn’t mean it’s a gym shoe, people. Just because they’re shorts doesn’t mean you should be working out in jeans. You don’t want to get injured for something as silly as wearing the wrong clothes, so just pay to have the right ones!
Bring a towel (especially if you’re a sweaty person): I myself was at one point guilty for not bringing a towel, and have since changed my ways. It’s common courtesy though. If you sit on a piece of equipment, use a machine, or touch just about anything in the gym, your sweat/germs/body funk will touch it. And as much as I love other people I don’t love strangers enough to give or receive those types of things.
Keep your music to yourself: The gym is a loud place, and I don’t want 13 people’s blaring music to get in the way of whatever I want to listen to. Nor do I want to burst my eardrums turning my music up to drown out yours.

Leave too little to the imagination: I get it. There are lots of good looking folks walking around, you want to look good for whoever may come in, blah blah blah, but please keep your outfits tasteful. (Case in point: crop top girl and her Victoria’s not-so-Secret). If it can be mistaken for a swim suit I feel like you’re probably not wearing enough.
Take up more room than you need: Ever gone into the locker room to get your things only to see that the person next to you has taken up the entire bench to lay out every item she brought with you and all you want to do is sit down to take off your gym shoes? It’s obnoxious. Cut it out.
Be nosy of other people: I was on the elliptical the other day and the person to my left kept turning and looking at me. It was very uncomfortable, very nosy, and verrrrry rude. I felt like I was being judged and, at a gym, there should be no room for that. Everyone’s got different goals and we should never feel like they’re better or worse than anyone else’s.
Walk away without cleaning off your treadmill/bike/elliptical: This one drives me absolutely nuts! Every gym comes with some sort of equipment cleaner (mine happens to have paper towel dispensers and cleaning solution to pump on them) and it makes me crazy to watch people just walk away from whatever they were using without cleaning it off. It seems like a common courtesy.

That’s just about my entire list, until I find something else that makes me crazy. Now it’s off to the gym for a workout before getting ready for a low key girl’s night with my friend Caitlin!

What’s on your gym dos and don’ts list?


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