Songs To Run To

Does your running playlist ever need a refresher? Every so often, I find songs that I want to add to my usual playlist, and other times it’s time for a major change.

For a long time I was content listening to Mumford and Sons. A strange choice but in my longer runs they’re relaxed enough to keep me from going to fast too soon. When it wasn’t then I was probably using my Today’s Hits station on Pandora. Lately it hasn’t been enough, though; I think the winter is draining me. Can you blame me, with all this snow and polar vortexes?

I’ve been revamping my playlist and in the process have listened to a lot more Pandora for inspiration. The station that’s stood out has been Avicii radio, with a lot of EDM and Dubstep songs. It’s gotten so catchy that it’s now my go-to station whenever I run!

There is a ton to love about this kind of music that really inspires me to push myself during cardio workouts. First of all is the tempo; most songs in this genre are pretty fast-paced, which is perfect when I’m in a mental funk or doing speed work. My feet naturally want to move at least as quick as the beat. They’re also usually not particularly philosophical songs either filled with minimal or no lyrics. Between all the bass drops and “womp-womp-womp” parts of the music it’s easy for me to get in the zone so to speak. And when I really need to focus on running its the perfect music to turn up and block out the rest of the world. (For the record, I do not recommend that when you are running outside. Safety first, and being aware of your surroundings is very important when you run in the city!) But on the hamster wheel treadmill? I’ll allow it.

Above all else, EDM reminds me of weekends (because I’m “such a party animal”) so it always lifts my mood and I wish I could bust out into some sweet dance moves:

What I wish I looked like

But we all know that if I actually did dance I’d probably look like this instead:
Nerd alert

Either way, here’s a list of some of my favorites. I’ve linked then all to YouTube for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Levels Skrillex Remix by Avicii
Burn by Ellie Goulding
You Make Me by Avicii
Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) by Blue Foundation
Sweet Nothing (Grand Theft and Diplo Trap Remix) by Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch
Wake Me Up by Avicii (I’m really liking his music lately)
One (Your Name) by Swedish House Mafia
Shake Señora by Pitbull
Bailando Por Ahi by Juan Magan

Okay, so those last two may not be Dubstep at all, but they’re still upbeat and make me want to dance.

What’s your go-to running music?


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