Test Salon!

I love working out but one of my least favorite things about the post-workout glow is the atrocity that is my hair. I am notorious for a sweaty scalp whenever I do anything at the gym and, no matter how I wear it, it always ends up being a matted mess. That means that there has been no way for me to work out without needing to shower after. You’d judge me for the smell, I promise.

In the past I’ve tried dry shampoo and was really unsatisfied with how it worked. Even when I didn’t work out, it only added about another 6 hours of life to my hair before it turned greasy again. However, all my friend still rave about it so I decided to give it another go.

In the interest of science (and my wallet), I stuck to another drug store brand, but different than the last one I used.

After looking at a few I settled on Pantene’s Root Reboot dry shampoo. It’s $4.99 at my Walgreens, and that’s a price I can get behind! 

After going for a run at the gym, I grabbed the dry shampoo and went to work. Here’s what it looks like right after I got home.
I then took my hair down and started spraying the shampoo, in short bursts, on all sorts of sections of my hair. It smells really good; not super overwhelming, a little bit like baby powder, which I enjoyed. I could see where it landed because it left a little bit of a white dust on my hair when it settled, which I expected from previous experiences with dry shampoos. I sprayed it all over my roots (my hair was extremely sweaty) and let it sit about 15 minutes. Then I brushed it to get the knots and dustiness out.

The after! My hair looks as good as new! And it even gave me some much loved volume. Even after sleeping on it my hair looked phenomenal and continued to stay clean feeling for the rest of the day. I’ve read some online reviews that state that this particular product stops spraying after a few tries, but I haven’t seen that in mine. In fact, I’ve been using it about every other day since that first try in place of washing my hair and have had no complaints. Unless disaster strikes I think I’ve found a winner!

Do you wash your hair every day? Every other day? Once a week? I wish I could wash my hair just once a week, but it doesn’t allow for that. Or rather, my personal anxiety about how my hair feels prevent me from washing it weekly.
What’s your favorite hair product? I love hair spray to keep my style under control, this one by Tresemme is my favorite.


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