Internet inspired

My day today has been oddly inspired by the internet, a lot. I usually try to stay off the old WWW as much as I can (for being a blogger and fueling my Pinterest and Instagram addictions, that is) but my day today has revolved around it. And that’s not such a bad thing.

FYI, this post will be filled with a lot of links. A lot.

I was texting a friend from college this morning, as we usually do during our commutes, and she mentioned that she is really trying not to let her (usually less than perfect) commutes dictate how she feels the rest of the day. I couldn’t help but agree. After all; one of my big goals for this year is to love more and I think that extends to keeping a general positive attitude on life too. All too often I let one bad moment in my morning (running late, forgetting something, a bad bus ride) tarnish my outlook on the rest of my day and that habit drives me nuts. Naturally, I went to Pinterest and found this quote on one of my boards:
I’m absolutely in love with it, so much so that I made it the background on my phone. It’s perfect to describe what I want to accomplish this year and it reminds me to break things down to small, manageable units. It’s hard to be in love with my entire day, but love each minute for what it’s worth? Much more doable.

For the record, I believe there’s no situation that a Jack Kerouac, F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Oscar Wilde quote can’t make better.

After work it was to the gym and the grocery store. My workout was also internet inspired. I’m getting back in the saddle of running, as it were, but running on a treadmill still bores me, so I found a Feelin Lazy Treadmill Workout from PB Fingers’ blog that incorporated incline walking and running. It really helped ease up on the boredom factor of treadmills-yuck!- and felt like interval training while I was doing it. I repeated minutes 5-15 one more time than it says for a workout that totaled 40 minutes instead of 30, and sprinted the last few minutes a little faster than the prescribed 6.8 mph. Total mileage was 3.5.

And, because I’m clearly a masochist, I did 10 minutes on the Stair Master after my run.

I was excited to get home because I wanted to try out a new dish for dinner. The other day I found an article from Men’s Health that gives 50 quick chicken breast recipes. My favorite part about these recipes is that they are all for a single serving!!! Living alone it gets crazy annoying trying to half or quarter recipes when I want to try them because there’s absolutely no way I need 8 servings of whatever delicious food I want to try, thank you very much. I tried the baked honey and dijon mustard breast today. For your sake, I did not take a picture (imagine: just a tan saucy chicken breast) because it was pretty humble looking, but the flavor was great! Next time I might even add a little less honey; it was almost too sweet. With that I had a salad and, my favorite part, a glass of wine.
wine for the win

It’s a cold night in Chicago tonight, so I plan on cranking up the electric blanket and dreaming about summer!

Are there any quotes that inspire you?
What was your workout today?
Favorite way to eat chicken?


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