On a mission

Happy hump day! (I’m okay still loving that commercial and referencing it whenever I can.)

Seriously, the beginning of this week has been the craziest at work. I’m so thankful it’s finally settling down and I hope the rest of the week is much easier.

After work I went to the gym and really enjoyed zoning out on the elliptical for 40 minutes. There was nothing special about the workout; I just needed me-time and reading a book while breaking a sweat was the way I approached it.

A random aside, but one of my coworkers has taken it upon herself to check out books and give them us to read. Some of her choices have been spot on! Right now I’m reading Just One Year by Gayle Forman. It’s a companion book to Just One Day which I read (also my coworker’s recommendation!) and I’m enjoying it just fine. It’s clearly written for a young adult crowd, in which I can no longer count myself as a member (what’s this high school thing they all speak of?) but it’s great if you just want to lose yourself for a little while without thinking too hard. Plus this book’s setting has been all over the world so that’s a bonus.

Once I got home I was determined to work on my mission.

Operation: Kale.
We have a finicky relationship. I know I should love the stuff and be praising all its health benefits, but I have yet to find a way to eat it without feeling like I’m eating a shrubbery.

Kale chips? Meh
In smoothies? It’s all I can taste
Raw? Oh heck no

But before writing this green off, and in the name of science, I need to exhaust all kale eating options. Today? Sauté.

One stalk kale to one giant clove of garlic? I’ll take those odds.

I kept it simple (kale, garlic, olive oil) when I made it today and it ended up being decently delicious. I have a problem in usually not being patient enough to wait for the tough kale to cook through, but this time I let it wilt enough and it got soft but not too soft.

I also roasted some balsamic marinated chicken thigh and baby gold potatoes just in case I hated the kale. I ate it all anyway 😉

Another random aside: I think I may be a chicken thigh convert. I bought it the other day because my grocery store was all out of chicken breast and have been pleasantly surprised each time I’ve cooked one. Nutritionally they’re not much different than breast meat but they taste so much more….chicken-y. Yummmm.

Operation: Kale? A success!

Do you like kale? How do you prepare it?
What’s your favorite cut of chicken?
I was all breast, all the time (that’s what he said) but that seems to be shifting, although I have a deep appreciation for a well-prepared hot wing.


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