Where have I been?

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I am really embarrassed by the fact that it has been a solid (as of tomorrow) two months since I have last posted. I really wish I had a good answer for you…

  • I was busy traveling the world
  • I had some sort of crazy emergency (thank goodness that isn’t the case!)
  • I’ve been a hermit writing a best-selling new work out plan
  • I discovered buried treasure and left permanently for Fiji.

Unfortunately none of those are true. I suppose I took some time to myself and regrouping post marathon. I also dedicated a bunch of time to being in my great friend Katie’s wedding. (Yes, it was a blast, but who knew those things took so much out of you!) My social media presence overall has dropped a ton. Except for Pinterest…I’m hooked on that stuff.

Whatever the reason, I am really glad I stepped back from blog life for a little bit, but I am ready to come back to it for sure! I think it’ll be a little shaky getting back into the swing of things, so stick it out with me please. I swear I’ll get back to making epic salads and smoothies soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

What have you been up to?
How was your Thanksgiving?!


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