Marathon Weekend

The entirety of the last ten months (and, really, the main reason behind WCRG) has been leading up to this weekend. I cannot process that the Chicago Marathon is tomorrow.

10 hours away, to be precise.

Truth be told, this entire taper process had left me really uninspired. It feels great running and training but not very good easing off the miles with almost a month until the race. Hence the serious lack of updating.

That, however, has really changed this last week. The energy of the upcoming race has really gotten to me, and I have had some incredible experiences this week to boot!

Thursday night my best-running-friend Caitlin made me a pre-marathon celebration dinner.
Caitlin has been like a personal cheerleader through all this, not only writing my training plan but also getting just as excited about dorky things like fueling and gear as I do. I can’t wait for next year when she gets to try this out for the first time too!

I told her to surprise me with dinner so I was very excited to see salmon on the menu. IMG_0061
Caitlin made a honey and brown sugar glazed grilled salmon with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. Holy cannoli was it great.
I went back for seconds (and thirds) of veggies and potatoes. The glaze on the fish was also to die for.

We ate and watched the Bears game (which they won!) in our Bears gear.
And of course the girl woke up early that morning to make an incredible crock pot applesauce for dessert.
With loooaddds of whipped cream on top.

Today I went down to the Marathon expo with Caitlin to pick up my bib. It wasn’t until I was waiting for the bus that everything finally hit me. I was running the Marathon tomorrow.
I wanted to squeal but I refrained because I was in public. I did, however, start squealing when I got the McCormick Center.

PS. Follow me on Instagram to get more play-by-play pictures.

I wish I was kidding when I say I was in a daze of happiness and glee and excitement and nervousness, but I’m not. There was so much going on and I loved every second of it, but I caught nothing on camera. Caitlin and I stopped by the Clif Bar stand to stock up on Shots. They were $1 each which is a lot cheaper than I can find them at most stores. Score!

After walking around and scoping out all the free samples, we hustled out of there because we had a chance to meet up with Skinny Runner who is also running this weekend!

Caitlin introduced me to SR’s blog at the end of last year and we are both hooked! She’s a serious running inspiration and definitely one of the reasons I thought I could start my own. It was great finally meeting her and talking about good Chicago food and what it feels like running your first marathon. Thanks again SR!

Now it’s time for my last night’s sleep as a non-marathoner (<— nerd alert). I'll recap tonight's dinner with family and tomorrow's race/festivities soon!

Happy Marathon Day to all my fellow runners!


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