Tide on tide…

And I don’t mean oceans, I’m talking detergent. The amount of laundry that piles up after even a short trip is incredible! That’s what my afternoon has consisted of; that and buying groceries to stock my empty fridge. If you follow my Twitter you’ve already seen that all my body wants is smoothies, so those ingredients were the bulk of my grocery list. If you don’t follow my Twitter, you should change that. I’ve just given you two chances. I love tweeting so if you do we can be friends.

I’m still organizing my pictures from the trip (there are a bunch!) but I wanted to share with you what our first very lazy day looked like.

We arrived in the mid afternoon and went straight to our hotel. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton and I have to say I was nothing short of blown away by everything as soon as I walked in.

(I have to preface this by saying that I’m usually the type of person that stays at motels and really basic hotels when I travel, but when your mom just insists on staying some place nicer it would be bad manners to say no.)

This is a gorgeous hotel. Super classy, super resort-y, not super modern but it fit right in with the setting. But, I’m also easily impressed and when someone opens the door of the hotel AND the taxi door for me, it’s a memorable moment in my life.

Upon checking in we were given papaya juice, which I found delicious but my sister found stinky.

The room was a basic room (two double beds with a pool view) but even this was stunning. (And, if we looked from one corner of the huge floor to ceiling windows, we could see the ocean. Ha! Ocean view for the price of a pool view.)

I got laughed at for taking a bathroom selfie, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the blog.

We hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so we ate an early dinner at Mares, one of the hotel’s restaurants. I went with tacos (distinctly not Puerto Rican but the fish was super fresh and so was the pineapple salsa!) and it was still really good.

Then, naturally, it was into swim suits and off to the ocean! The beach that the hotel had was to die for. We got there around dusk so there wasn’t much sun, but it made for some beautiful photos!
I could have been content sitting on a chair there for the rest of my life vacation. My sister got hungry eventually though so we made it back into the Lobby Lounge for drinks and snacks.

The Lobby Lounge was easily our favorite place in the entire hotel. On our first night we met Diana, one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever encountered, and we just loved seeing her every night of our stay. Plus their food was delicious. (You’re going to see a lot of beach, eat, drink mojitos, repeat on this trip. Worth it.)
The hummus was surprisingly delicious. The mojitos, not surprisingly, were delicious too.
All three of us got different flavors but our clear favorite ended up being my choice, the Cocojito. It had coconut milk mixed in and tasted like the freshest, fruitiest, most tropical afternoon in a glass. You can never go wrong with coconut.
The three of us called it a night after that! We had a very strenuous day of travel behind us and a tough day of sitting in the sand ahead of us, and we really needed our beauty rest!


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