A wee bit absent

I have been a very MIA blogger for this last week. I promise I haven’t sworn off technology and decided to move into a cave in North Dakota; it’s just been one of those weeks at work.

My life as of late
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It was progress checkpoints time and I’ve been scrambling to make sure I have all the appropriate documentation (those of you who are teachers may know the feeling). Either way, now I’ve finished that and I’m coming back for a while! Here’s a little highlights reel of my week (in the form of mostly food).

Fantastic strawberry and feta salad that I had at Vines during dinner with Katie. We’ve officially addressed the last of her invitations! I cannot believe that her wedding is approaching so quickly! It really seems like she just got engaged even though almost a year has passed.

It’s also officially the most wonderful time of the year. Football has started! (Okay, maybe just the preseason, but it gives me something to yell at on TV)

Went to my aunt’s house to celebrate my cousin’s 18th birthday and had my aunt’s delicious homemade chickpea salad with dill dressing. I ate 4 plates of this. It was so refreshing!

And here’s my aunt and my far-too-adorable cousin. Their resemblance is uncanny and I love the joy they both have in this picture. I cannot believe she is turning 18! And going to college! She’s a fantastic young lady and I’m so excited for the adventures she’ll have in life.

Sunday I went for a run in which I considered throwing my Garmin into Lake Michigan because it would not find my location for approximately ever. Instead I made the most of it, only used the timer function, enjoyed the scenery, and ended up having a pretty great run in the end!

This time is about 10 minutes shy of how long I actually ran (again, I got tired of my Garmin and just started running). I’d say I did somewhere between 5 and 6 miles….

Okay, so I just plotted it on a map and it ended up being almost exactly 6 miles. Sweet.

A few things about that run: a) it started pouring on my around mile 2 and I was stuck in that cheesy, cathartic, running-in-the-rain-pondering-life-while-Mumford-and-Sons-blasts-in-my-ears situation that we all know and love, amiright? b) found a great Instagram opportunity up at Monstrose Harbor. c) not knowing my mileage really gave me a great chance to tune into my body and really took the pressure off of completion. I highly recommend it.

Last night I also went for a run; 3.5 miles easy. Avg 9:37/mile. My splits were 9:42, 9:29, 9:45, and 4:43 for that last half. My toenails are not happy with that one, but who needs those anyway?
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Today will be spent running errands, packing, and running because on Thursday morning I am flying out to Puerto Rico with my mom and sister for a girl’s weekend!

Question: what have you been up to this last week?


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