My new favorite post-run ritual



I guess we can count my training as officially official. I ran the longest distance I’ve ever run, ever.

Workout: 14.01 miles, 2:19:59, avg pace. 9:59. Most of my splits were between 9:52 and 10:10, which is about as consistent as I have been able to get.

The running Gods have also blessed all Saturday morning Chicago runners with a HUGE break in the heat! It was only in the 50’s when I started this morning and didn’t get past 60 before I finished around 10:30. My ideal running weather.

This guy ran with me for about 4.25 miles right in the middle.



It’s the furthest my dad has run in a long time! I was super proud of him for keeping up and providing me with some fun conversation! Our splits for those few miles were about 20 seconds slower, but I seemed to have a lot of reserved energy for the end because I ran my last one in 8:40! I am addicted to those negative splits.


After that, I stretched very thoroughly and showered, and now I’m playing the “Let’s watch Natalia slowly eat everything in sight” game that happens after each of my long runs. First off, second breakfast, which started out with a handful of almonds. 20130727-141351.jpg


They paired nicely with the greek yogurt and the random unidentified granola cereal in my parent’s pantry. (She stores all her cereal in plastic containers, so I never know what anything is. I did know it tasted delicious though)


About an hour later I got hungry again, and it was at that point that my mom casually mentioned that my grandmother Babcia made some pierogis from scratch. For real, why was this not the first thing she mentioned when I got into the house?!20130727-141418.jpg


My Babcia’s pierogis generally spark an out-of-body experience. These did not disappoint. The blueberries were also farm picked by a family friend. Holy crap is all there is to say about that.

My tired post-run legs were in for a treat today because my mom booked us some mani-pedis! 20130727-141457.jpg


It’s been forever since I’ve gotten my nails done, and even longer since I’ve had my toes done (for obvious, running related reasons: aka running ruins my feet) so it felt reallllllly good to have one again! Although I did feel bad for the technician in charge of my pedicure; he was a great sport about it though and asked me if I wanted a scratch on my other foot to match the one I had! A great sense of humor helps any situation!

Getting my nails done was an arduous experience and left me drained so I needed to grab some iced coffee on the way home. #firstworldproblems



DD has some darn good coffee! I’ve got some family plans for tonight that I’ll share later!

Question: how far did you run today? What are your Saturday night plans!


2 thoughts on “My new favorite post-run ritual

  1. That is totally awesome that your dad tagged along with you for part of your run! I’m jealous! And congrats on the distance! totally officially training!

    I’m also doing 14 today (Sunday). Seems to be the magic number for the weekend!

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