Kiki’s Bistro

If you have known me personally for any amount of time you’d know that I am low-key obsessed with the French.
vive la france
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Fact: They are just so much cooler than me.

As if the fashion, language, music, culture, and history don’t make them cool enough, there’s the food.

More facts: French food is proven to be good for your soul and make you feel great about your life. (These statements are not approved by anyone credible, just based off of my own fantastic experience)

When last week I got invited to Kiki’s Bistro by my friend Meg I was more than game to join her. I also had the honor of being joined by Kiki’s wife Denise for most of the dinner.

Kiki’s is owned by Frenchman Kiki and his wife Denise. They are at the restaurant almost every night, greeting guests and mingling, and just the sweetest pair ever. Denise was so generous and kind, and we had a fantastic time talking to her and laughing about Instagram.
She also drinks her tea out of a wine glass, so you know she’s going to be the best.

Denise treated me and Meg to dinner and we got to try out some of their fantastic food!

I had been absolutely dreaming about a salade Lyonnaise for weeks so I had to start my meal out with that.
Holey crapoly that salad is one of the most delicious foods ever. But I love just about anything with a poached egg and bacon on it.

Later she brought out the pizza of the day (goat cheese, basil, and tomato) and the charcuterie plate.

I’ve had the pizza before and it is fantastic! I always want to eat the whole thing but I was very interested in trying the charcuteries so I withheld.

The items on the plate were amazing! I had never had duck pate and they had it prepared two ways on the plate; both were delicious but the duck liver pate was my favorite. And the salami.

To end the meal right (I was pretending to be French, after all) I had a glass of wine.
Denise recommended the Three Saints red blend and it was great! Not too strong but not sweet. It was a great end to my meal!

Overall, I had a most delicious experience and a great time! Denise and Kiki are so generous and warmhearted and it makes everything that much better! The food was fantastic and the musicians playing made for a tres francais experience.


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