Cooling down and lots of tangents

The most wonderful thing happened this morning when I woke up and got to wear sweatpants! The weather has cooled down significantly and it feels like a much needed break!

20130724-055905.jpgSeriously, the most fantastic part of my morning.

Breakfast was a close second though. Monday’s yogurt bowl made another appearance, this time with blueberries instead of mango.

So good! The blueberries were frozen and when I thawed them in the microwave, a few of them cooked. I love the taste of warm blueberries and I think I’m going to have to bake something soon to satisfy that craving!

And with that bowl, a cup of hot coffee in a cheerful mug!

I have loads of blog things to catch up on so I’ll be running (in the perfect running temps) later tonight. Last night I finally convinced my sister to join me for a class at Barre Bee Fit. We took my friend Amanda’s class at the Lincoln Park studio and Julia absolutely loved it! I pushed myself really hard at times and will be blaming Amanda for any glute and thigh soreness that occurs. Julia and I are crazy people and are already planning on going back to more classes next week!

My mind has been all over the place lately and it’s been making me chortle. This entire week has felt like I’ve just been trying to catch up on sleep (because I babysat very late Monday) so the lack of sleep may be making my mind function on a deeper level wonky. Case in point; I have had Christmas music stuck in my head for four days and all I want currently is a tree and snow and lights and cocoa. Which is bananas because I am all about summer, all day every day. Perhaps I’ll have my own Christmas in July party. Eggnog for one, anyone?

Question: what’s your favorite holiday? Who’s going to have a hard run to celebrate the cool weather?


3 thoughts on “Cooling down and lots of tangents

  1. I love Christmas – Definitely my favorite holiday! I ended up running pretty hard in the cooler weather yesterday despite the insane wind along the Lakefront

  2. I’m going to do a nice easy run in this lovely cool weather. By the way, sweatpants make me so happy too! I feel like we should get together and have eggnog in July (or August, I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon). But what bar sells eggnog in July….there has to be one in this city.

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