Time keeps on slipping

I am not flying like an eagle, by any means. It’s incredible how quick a few days go by when you’re crazy busy! I will have tons of updating to do (dinners, workouts, my grandmother’s birthday) and I promise to get that up soon! Today, I’ll let you in on a few things.

1) I missed my long run for this past weekend. I felt bad about it but there literally was no time. At first I felt a little down but I quickly got over that. It was my taper week anyway so I think I tapered enough. 😉
I did, however, have time for this view.

2) I had a new delicious breakfast today. Greek yogurt with diced up Manila mango and a white peach. I topped it with chopped almonds and chia seeds. It had all the right elements; crunchy, sweet, smooth, yum!

3) I have a serious weakness for candied pineapple. Holy yum, Batman! I’m babysitting tonight and brought some with as a snack.


Tonight is a late night (babysitting) so I may be sleeping in a bit in the morning.
Goodnight all!

Tell me something interesting about your Monday. What did you do? Run? Eat?


6 thoughts on “Time keeps on slipping

  1. Monday was busy! After work, I went to Fleet Feet Old Town to get my medal engraved for free (from the RnR on Sunday). They had champagne and beer while you waited. It was glorious. Then I went home after some champagne and ran 5.5 miles with the local running group. It was a recovery run, not the best but I finally started feeling normal with only about 3 blocks to go.

  2. Reading this i on a Tuesday, but lets see Monday. I ordered ordered obnoxiously bright green sneakers and a box of Cliff gels! that was fun.
    I did 6 recovery miles yesterday and intervals today. so tired….<3 pinapple! I forgot my lunch today ugh

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