Heat stroke, smoothies, and a reader question

So just to give you all a bit of an idea about how all of the Midwest is melting, here is the temperature outside my apartment at 7:45 this morning.

It was pretty insane and the heat and humidity only got worse. It felt like over 100 degrees for most of the afternoon. So clearly, there was no run.

Today was the day of smoothies. There was no way a stove or oven was getting turned on in this house.

Breakfast:: strawberries, banana, chocolate protein powder, spinach, and a little greek yogurt. It was so fudgey and so delicious.

Dinner: the new smoothie that my mom’s coworker shared with me! I tweaked the recipe a bit and it turned out great! FYI, it’s also vegan and chock full of nutrients.

Here’s the eyeball recipe. I’ll get more precise measurements next time.
-About 1 cup chunked pineapple.
-1/2 cup frozen blueberries
-1 small handful of kale (last time I made this all I could taste was kale. I kept it pretty conservative this time)
-1 large handful spinach
-A couple splashes of pineapple juice (maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup)
-I added about 1 tbsp of honey too. Again, to mask the kale-ness.

It was super green but super good!

Oh, and because I love this nugget, here’s an amazing snap from my sister of her dog.
He’s a chihuahua. His name is Taco. And I love him.

I also had a question from a reader, Rick, about October’s marathon.

I can’t find much info on the winds along the course for the Chi Marathon. I’ll be running it this October and it’ll be my 3rd overall. Obviously the course is very flat, but what can the average person, running along the streets of Chicago, expect on an average day, in terms of wind?

As I’ve never run the marathon (but I have run lots in October) I could only offer my personal experience, which is that sometimes I get some sucky winds from the North but I’ve never really felt like it’s effected me too badly.

Marathon runners, does anyone have any better information than me about winds when running in Chicago?

3 thoughts on “Heat stroke, smoothies, and a reader question

  1. Can you get a food truck for smoothies please? Pretty please?

    I’m interested too on wind on race day downtown. Anything over 5mph will start giving you some resistance, and the lake can be a B***. October is such a tricky month in Chicago. Find someone to draft behind if it is windy! lol

  2. I’ve done some races in Chicago – it’s really just mere happenstance how the day turns out if it’s windy or not. Obviously it’s windier closer to the lake – which can be a good or bad thing. I agree draft behind someone tall if it’s too windy.

  3. Thanks for the replies! I was just going over the course again and yeah, there are a lot of spots where, if it’s coming from the north, the wind could be pretty brutal. On the flipside, one can hope that those spots where we’re running north-to-south we’ll get a tailwind!

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