Training Fail

This morning I did the thing that I always promise myself that I would never do. But today I totally did. I stopped a training run before I finished.


The plan for the morning was a 1:3:1 tempo run. I woke up with a really fuzzy brain and super tired legs (I went to another BBF burn class last night, but more on that later). It wasn’t too bad for the warm up mile other than me thinking about how much I wanted to be in my bed, but then at mile 1.16 my left knee and hip flexor really started bothering me. At that point I called it quits, marched myself upstairs, and sat down with breakfast and my ice pack.

20130717-060229.jpgIt really stinks (and I mentally give myself a hard time about it) but I am not going to re-injure myself less than 3 months before marathon day. No way, no how.

Lesson learned: no tempo runs on tired legs. I’ll try again tomorrow morning.

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with blueberries, pineapples, and chia seeds. Sweet and satisfying!

And as always, my nearest and dearest friend.

Now it’s off to shower and work! I’ve got a potentially delicious dinner out planned for tonight!

Question: when was the last workout you skipped? How did you move past it mentally?


6 thoughts on “Training Fail

  1. Hope you’re feeling better! Definitely need to stay injury-free with the marathon just a few months away (eek!). I am off to do a 1:4:1 tempo run right now…

    1. In this heat?! If you can make it through these conditions I’m pretty sure you can do anything haha

      I can’t believe how quickly the big day is approaching! I definitely need to take care of myself in the home stretch

      1. Just got back and cannot believe how hot it is!! Ugh that was brutal, but hey it’s over haha apparently we’re supposed to get a break in the heat/humidity this weekend. Fingers crossed!!

        Do you know what corral you’re in for the big day??

  2. We are totally on the same running wavelength. I stopped my 5 mile tempo run after 3 miles. I didn’t fuel up enough during the day. So after mile 3, my mind was beyond done and my legs were faltering.

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