I turned into a swamp monster

Good evening! Nothing feels better than a Sunday night where you feel like you’ve had a fantastic weekend. Even though it wasn’t nearly as long as last week’s holiday, it still managed to be fit and fun!

Workout: Long run on Saturday morning I set out to do 12 miles, but by mile 12 I was still about 2 miles from home so I pushed it a little further and did 13.2. It feels good to know that I already have it in me to do a half! My running app was, to put it bluntly, full of crap in telling me that I ran my first 3 miles in <7:00 min splits, so I only have approximations for pace.

I set out with two goals in mind; proper fueling and maintaining a nice, slow pace for this run. Check to both! I ran about 10:40’s the entire time and never felt like I was pushing it. I may have talked to myself every once in a while to make sure I was actually slow enough, but no one can prove that so I can still claim I’m not weird.

I also think I’ve found the fuel for me! I took a packet of Gu Chomps (strawberry flavored) with me on the run and kept to a pretty rigid fueling schedule. No stomach upsets, delicious flavor, and I had all the energy I needed! Super success!

These bad boys were my best friends on my run:
photo 1
I cannot begin to tell you how humid it was (compared to the rest of the season so far) and I definitely felt it! It was also a gorgeous day for life but not for running, at about 75 degrees and zero clouds in the sky when I started. Running in the shade made things much easier. As did looking at gorgeous boats for a few miles.
photo 2
The first part of Saturday was spent running, icing, and rocking the ProComp knee highs, and the rest was spent with my girlfriend Katie, her fiance Andrew, and a few other friends. My knuckles and knees have been feeling pretty swollen in this humidity so icing has become necessary.

I called it a night very early in order to wake up early for my Sunday morning workout!
photo 4 copy
I went to Barre Bee Fit’s burn class bright and early Sunday morning! Three of their studios now offer a free class once a week and I wanted to make the most of that opportunity.
The class I took was a Barre burn, which is similar to their traditional barre method class but in a room that’s between 90 and 100 degrees. Remember last week when I mentioned I like to get really sweaty when I do any work out that isn’t running? Yup, well, it’s safe to say I have never sweat so much in my life. I felt pretty bad for the person sitting next to me on my bus ride home. And I’m so going to their next free burn class on Tuesday night. I always love taking Barre classes but they don’t always align with my schedule. I’m so happy I’ve found two free ones that do though!
photo 3 copy 2
Seriously, how cute are these inspirational quote walls? My favorite that I saw today was “Find your strong.” I camped out in front of it for the workout and it really helped to look at it every once in a while (if only to distract myself from the swamp thing I was becoming).

After doing laundry and cleaning I met up with this beauty to hang out lake side
photo 1 copy
(I may be the little one, but I’m still older)
Chicago was blessed with another beyond gorgeous day and it felt great sitting by the lake, taking in the skyline, cloudless sky, and boats that were coming into and out of the harbors.
photo 2 copyphoto 3 copyphoto 4

After leaving her I was starving, so I took a nice stroll of about 2 miles to get home and got straight to dinner!
Dinner: chicken breast, sweet potato, and diced broccoli
photoI made a double portion so dinner tomorrow is set, too! I put some of TJ’s Cowboy Caviar on the chicken. You can honestly put that salsa on anything and it would taste amazing.

Now it’s time to get up to date on some blog work, unwind, and get ready for a brand new week!

Question: what was the weather like where you were this weekend? Have you ever taken any sort of workout class in a hot room?


3 thoughts on “I turned into a swamp monster

  1. Looks like you and I had a similar weekend in terms of training – except Sunday, I went to my regular training session!

  2. I did Bikram yoga for awhile! ANd I thought that was the pinnacle of me sweating… but running sans shade Sunday, I think topped it. Plus the humidity is coming back now, so I’m sure to be gross every day. SWAMP THING

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