A sweet treat (or two!)

Thank goodness for a slightly better night’s sleep last night. It really changes my overall mood for the day and general outlook on life. (Let’s hope, for your sakes, that you never have to meet the sleep deprived me. It’s a terrible sight.) Although I did not get as much sleep as I would have wanted to yesterday (aka my usual 7-8+ hours) I woke up really happy and hopped out of bed ready to conquer the day. That’s the attitude we like!

The quality of my sleep was really good so I snoozed for a bit and put my run off (which did end up happening) until the afternoon, and made myself a deliciously green smoothie for breakfast.

The ingredients: a banana, a small scoop of greek yogurt, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, a scoop of peanut butter, two handfuls of spinach, and some almond milk.
It has been hotter than Hades in Chicago these last two days so nothing hot sounded appealing and this smoothie was exactly what I needed. It made a healthy sweet treat!

Another sweet treat occurred at work today, when my colleague serendipitously brought in ice cream and root beer. Did you know this delicious flavor exists?


And it would have been rude not to sample the other things she generously provided us.


A tiny root beer float; perfect for today’s heat!

Workout: 1 mile warm up plus 12×400 with 2 minutes rest, started at marathon pace and progressed to almost 5K pace
Here are the paces for my 400 splits.
1-4 9:23
5-6 9:13
7-8 9:05
9-10 8:57
11-12 8:49

Doing this run outside was not an option for several reasons; the first is that it’s currently almost 10PM with a 90 degree heat index (still!) and the second is that my pacing is less than perfect when I’m off a treadmill.

I did not, however, account for fact that the rec room in the basement of my building is not air conditioned, or that there would be 3 other people working out. Thankfully, none of them needed the treadmill so I was free to use it but I did feel the heat and humidity nonetheless! Sweat was literally dripping from everywhere.

Felt wonderful to be working out like this. I love how accomplished it makes me feel!

What’s your favorite summer treat? Frozen custard from Greg’s near my parent’s house. It reminds me of summers in high school!


3 thoughts on “A sweet treat (or two!)

  1. I can’t get my sleep in order lately! Once 1am comes around, I start waking up a lot!
    Favorite summer treat- also frozen custard at Lickity Split!

    Sweating on treadmills is slightly embarrassing for me, its like, if someone else comes to run near me, i pray they also have such an amazing cooling system and I don’t have to feel like a dripping fool!

    have a great day!

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