Remember yesterday when I had grand plans of an early bedtime? Yeah, didn’t happen at all.

For whatever reason, I could not fall asleep until an obscenely late hour and woke up feeling terrible. Slept through the run I had planned and was barely functioning all day.

My life

To give you an idea of just how tired I am, I didn’t even take any pictures. Not one. This is quite problematic. Needless to say today was one of those survival-mode-and-lots-of-coffee days that occur once in a while. I hate functioning on little sleep so my new healthy living goal is getting as much as I need. Gotta spin this one in a positive direction!

Today’s speed work has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning. Look for a brighter me soon!


4 thoughts on “Non-negotiables

  1. Sounds like we had similar starts to our week….I slept awful Sunday night too, so much so that I called in late to work just so I could hit the snooze button. Thank god for large delicious coffees from Caribou!

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