Lazy Sundays are the best

There is always something quite fantastic about a lazy Sunday, especially when Saturday nights get a little out of hand. (Not that I know anything about that…)


Last night I went to Waterhouse for a Homecoming celebration for my friend Chris. He recently came back from a deployment in Afghanistan and we were all more than ready to celebrate that!


1006230_10201149836445458_1109006793_n 1016918_10200847766930357_1750994344_n

Welcome home Chris!

Today has consisted of some family time with my sister and her dog, who has finally been reunited with her at her new apartment! It was a scheduled rest day so no running today, just some smoothie time! I normally make my own but I really was craving something new feeling lazy and so I went to Jamba instead. 


Peach Perfection really was.

And I saw an ad for this race on a bulletin board there and it caught my eye. Do any of my  Chicago runners know about this? I will respectfully (for the safekeeping of society going blind from my pale skin) not be running but it sounded really unique!20130707-191114.jpg

Tonight’s agenda: an early night and a date with HGTV. I can’t get enough of that.

Question: What is the wackiest race you’ve been in? Theme, costume, etc? Feel free to submit hilarious race photos.


5 thoughts on “Lazy Sundays are the best

  1. I might do the undie dash with one of my best friends (a fellow runner) but she’s moving at the end of the month and the date isn’t concrete….so I might not 😦 I haven’t really partaken in any crazy races. If I’m going to pay to race, I want to actually race. Sorry for that somewhat negative nancy jab at themed races.

  2. I think I saw Mag Mile Runner write she was going that run! I think it would be fun, but I don’t know that I would expose myself like that either lol

    I haven’t done any races, but I do love the annual Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl 🙂

    Finger mustache pic is great!

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