Long Busy Weekend

It seems like this weekend is never ending, but in the most fantastic way! I love it when a four day weekend seems like longer; it’s great for recharging and I feel like I’ve had a mini-vacation. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve managed to pack so much into so few days, but still I’m resting and taking it easy!

Okay now where have I left you off in my life? Oh yes, kayaking with this fool.


Okay, so maybe I’m the foolish one…

We stopped by my favorite establishment on the way home to get refreshments. Black tea lemonade is my jam during the summers!


Afterwards it was time for lunch. I was starving and so we reheated leftovers from the BBQ my parents had yesterday. My mom makes some fantastic pork kebabs so I had those with a little grilled potato. 20130706-122408.jpg

And my favorite fruit on the side.


I eat blueberries by the pound each summer. I’m pretty sure my parents had several pints when I got home Wednesday and they’re down to just one now.

I’ve been looking for some new gear to add to my extensive running clothes collection. Look for a post all about the things I feel I’ll need later, but yesterday my thrifty butt managed to fork over some money at my local sporting goods store for some semi-essential items.


I’ve been rocking my sweet new Adidas visor for just about 18 hours straight and I’m really pleased with it. I picked it because it was adjustable, it has reflective strips, it has lots of moisture-wicking material (which, as a profuse scalp sweater, is essential to my survival), and it had the widest brim. The price ($18) was also pretty nice. I also bought a handheld waterbottle (the Nathan brand) because I refuse to wear those belts and my Saturday long run was taking me past exactly zero water fountains. (Suburban problem)

My parents and I had dinner after my bike ride. My mom made this incredible stuffed eggplant which is a) vegetarian, b) magical, and c) gigantically portioned but still feels healthy because it’s stuffed lots of veggies and some pasta which I needed for my run the next day. Did I mention it was magical?


After dinner I showered quickly, grabbed ice cream for the road, and went to see Man of Steel with my parents. It was incredible. But by incredible I mean I’m not really sure what happened because I spent the entire time looking at Henry Cavill20130706-123216.jpg


This morning I came back into the running world full force, as promised, with a 10 mile run.



The water bottle held up nicely! Workout: 10 miles nice and slow, 1:43:30, 10:19 avg pace. Tried to keep my splits as even as possible, and they ranged from 10:06-10:33. Not perfect but that was okay! I felt fantastic after I finished, minus my legs feeling lead-y right as I was done.



The visor was also fantastic! Since I was going by no water fountains and I anticipated (correctly) a hot morning, I decided to set up a make shift aid station at my parent’s front door. I had a bunch of water bottles and shot blox all set up for me on the porch and I ran 4, 2.5-ish mile legs. It worked out really well, particularly since I needed more bathroom breaks that I thought, and my dad even woke up in time to run my 3rd leg with me! I don’t think he’s run 2.8 miles in quite a while, so it was really fun to do! (Downside to today: the Lululemon shorts I’m wearing have officially been ruled out as long distance running gear. Chafe central)

The biggest debacle of my morning was stretching. Heidi is extremely needy, particularly with me (probably because I give into her. every. time.) and she took my stretching time as the perfect opportunity to snuggle. Here we are trying to do hamstring stretches.



She is literally sitting on my foot. And then my mom snapped a few pics of me doing sitting stretches. Note: Heidi literally allows for no space between her and I. She’s an intense snuggler but I’m a-okay with it because she’s old and sick and also my BFF so I will allow the delusion of her thinking she’s a 10lb lap dog.20130706-123340.jpgNow that I’m stretched, iced, showered, and napped, it’s time to pack off and go back home!


How did your long run go? I’d say mine was wildly successful!



2 thoughts on “Long Busy Weekend

  1. You and the dog look so cute. When I stretch after a run – I have to make sure Chloe’s nowhere near me….she is a super huge fan of licking people to death especially after a run! 🙂

    I did 12.72 miles today in 1:46. It was a good run but super duper hot outside as I didn’t get started until 7am. I paced my dad in an impromptu race with one of his running club buddies. I am proud to say – my dad beat the other guy by at least two blocks!

  2. Nice job with the splits! Looks like a fantastic time! Heidi is a total lap dog. My long run is Sunday, but planning an easy pace considering the **** I ate all day!

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