Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July from me and my favorite furry friend!

A quick recap of my week before it’s off to spend time with friends and family. (Note: “quick recap” equals approximately 100 photos)

Workout (Tuesday): Crosstraining day, today I did some incline walking!
Cross training is my least favorite kind of exercise to do (give me running or strength training any day!) but I know I need to get much better at it. The workout room in my building has a recumbent bike and I’ve tried it, but it definitely gets boring and my upper body feels neglected by sitting on a chair. I only really had one goal and that was to do 25-30 minutes of work. I did a 5 minute warmup at 3 mph and then did two minute intervals at different inclines until I had completed 25 minute. Kept my pace between 3.5-3.7mph and my inclines were all over the place (something like 3.0, 9.0, 2.0, 10.0, etc). I got a good sweat in!

Wednesday: Came home and ran 2 miles outside before hanging out with two of my friends from home. Avg Pace 9:38.
That run was all about trying to hold a consistent pace. Pace consistency: eh. Weather and view of lake by home: gorgeous

Thursday: 30 minute interval ride on my parent’s stationary bike.
This was a cross-training day and definitely a sweat fest! I’ve realized if it’s not running I really like to get super sweaty when I do cardio. It’s the only way it feels worth it.

Delicious meals from the week!
Tuesday: Got dinner with a girlfriend from college and it was back to Del Seoul. This time I got the BBQ pork sandwich. Really good but I like the shrimp better.
And we split Kimchi fries. PHENOM.

Today it was a walk with my two favorite things:

(She officially has cancer that will be terminal one day, so understand that there will be 8475840 pictures of her every time I visit my parents.) Fun fact: I like to wear (but not work out in) my mom’s work out clothes when I’m home because she always has something new and adorable. Like that long sleeved top.

Then a cup of red, white, and blue fruit!
(Strawberries, white peaches, blueberries. All super ripe!)

And a protein pancake, with some sunflower seeds and blueberries in the batter. Both a delicious addition to the texture!
(Pre-flip. That’s always when the massacre happens. Maybe I should make smaller pancakes. But probably not.)
And I may have topped it with peanut butter and nutella. What of it? I can’t always be healthy.

What plans have you got for the weekend?!


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