Back on track

I’m determinedly forcing myself out of this funk I’m in.
photo 2
If you’ve been keeping track (which I really hope you haven’t) you’d know its been over a week since I’ve run and I’m embarrassed by that. I’m already feeling less-than-healthy but I’m getting back on the bandwagon and I’m doing it full force!

But first, breakfast! It was back to the blender (I’ve got a bit of produce to go through before going to my mom’s Wednesday night). Here’s a look at what I put in…it’s definitely turned out random!
photo 1
Banana, blueberries, half a peach (I ate the other half), spinach, greek yogurt, almond milk, peanut butter, and some protein powder. The chocolate of my protein powder really comes through the smoothie most days, it tastes like chocolate-covered fruit! I may try a non-peanut-butter-y smoothie soon to see if the peach flavor comes out.

Have I mentioned that I LOVEEEEE peaches in the summer? They’re best when they’re super ripe and juicy and need to be eaten with paper towel instead of a napkin to catch all the amazing juices.

Workout: Speed workout! 2 mile warmup (10:54 pace-remember, I’m going real slow starting back up!) and 8×400’s at my 5K pace. I was on the treadmill so the first 7 splits were about 2:10-2:12. By the last few I felt pretty good and it didn’t feel so speedy anymore, which is really just to say that I wasn’t drenched in sweat, so I picked it up and did the last one at a 2:05 (8:20 mile).

It felt really good to run again and I think I have a very slow warm up to thank for that. I wasn’t too fatigued when it came down to do the intervals and I had a lot of time to enjoy getting into running again. The music on my Pandora was really doing it for me today too so I may have been guilty of mouthing along and dancing to some of the lyrics. The dance/running possibilities are endless at an 11:00 min/mile. Love it.

Finished my night off with a quick snack of carrots and Laughing Cow now it’s off to bed!
This was my first time trying the White Cheddar and it’s good! It had a lot more cheddar flavor than I anticipated. As a fan of very flavorful cheeses, I definitely approve!

What was your workout today? Run? Cross Training? Strength training?


5 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. This may be a ridiculous comment (remember this is day one of only one coffee a day for me) but I feel like we would get along really well based on the fact that you like me: love smoothies and make similar ones that I do (Designer Whey?? is that like the Coach of protein powder) and love running. Mostly because of the first reason though. LOL šŸ˜‰

    1. Haha! We actually need to schedule a meet-up soon because I totally agree that we’re smoothie soulmates! And I wish my protein powder was like Coach, but it’s actually more like “the most delicious sounding/affordable chocolate thing that Trader Joe’s offers.”

  2. the slow warm up miles does wonders for work outs! I would keep about a mile and a half warm up before the tempo/interval days. And do that for a cool down too.

    I have been following duh! Glad to see you running again.

    And that shake looks interesting! I’ll take your word on it that it tasted yummy!

    Funny you mention dance running, I was just talking about wanting to dance mid run yesterday!

    Today was my interval run day as well!

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