Debbie Downer

To be completely honest I’ve been feeling a lot like this girl lately….
Debbie Downer
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Before I get to the negative bits of this post, let’s talk about a few things that have been putting a smile on my face lately.

  • When produce comes in a tiny little bag this cute, you need to buy them (when said produce is super soft, way ripe peaches, you’ve really hit the lottery)
    photo 1
  • Fish. I’m all about this stuff lately. See: my sushi friend date Sunday, the sole I sautéed Monday, and yesterday’s tuna. It seems like I can’t get enough of it. Thank goodness that it’s a fantastic form of lean protein so I don’t feel guilty eating it in all its delicious forms.
    photo 2(
  • Putting veggies into as much of my eating as possible. Lately, I’ve been having fun trying to “sneak” vegetables into places I don’t usually eat them and it’s been pretty fun. I love, love, love putting spinach in my breakfast smoothies (and I’m thinking maybe I’ll try doing it with kale soon-anyone have experience/tips on this?) and yesterday I make some roasted chickpeas. I may have lost track of them in the oven so they turned out a little crispier than I wanted but they’re amazing and savory and crispy. (I put a little olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder on mine and threw them in a 350 oven until they got crunchy and not soft).
    photo 3
  • Anything and everything Blackhawks. It really is a huge deal to have a Championship in Chicago (still waiting on a Lombardi!) and it’s become kind of mania. I may or may not have a new obsession with the #cuptracker hashtag on Twitter. I will find you this weekend, Lord Stanley…

Now it’s time for the “womp womp…” part of this post.
I have been so down about running/working out in general all week. I have not run in a week and I have very little (read: NO) motivation to do so. Strange how when I was injured all I wanted to do was get out and run and now that I’m feeling just fine I want nothing to do with it. It’s particularly frustrating because I have this thing coming up in October and I know it’s better to be a little undertrained than overtrained but I think the “not running for 4 months prior” method is pushing that concept a little bit.

Part of the problem is, I know, the fact that all I’ve wanted to do every morning is sleep. I used to love running in the mornings, especially on weekends, but lately it’s been a real struggle getting me out of bed at all. Quite fittingly, my running app sent me an email with a link to this article about becoming a morning runner again. I usually do most of the things on the list but I forget about the “keep it small” bit. I think I need to start looking at the smaller, more attainable goals. (Though, when it’s a victory just getting out of bed, doing 8x400s at 5AM sounds torturous.)

I also am a very very big wimp and give in to myself too much lately. Sleepy? Stay in bed. Have a cough? Definitely need more rest. I completely turn into a victim every time I’m sick (and I’ve got a wonderful lingering cough that makes me think a lung is coming up soon) so I don’t push myself. I need to remember more that exercise can actually help me feel better, faster.

Basically, it’s time to look for more successful motivation tools. What helps you when you get into a funk?


5 thoughts on “Debbie Downer

  1. I hate feeling like that 😦 Is there a race between now and Chicago that would get you motivated? Even a 5K like the Color Run can get you back into the swing of things with running. Good luck!!

  2. A race is a spectacular idea! There are a bunch of good ones to sign up for over the 4th of July weekend. I think I’m doing ‘4 on the 4th’. Try something other than pilates – yoga, pilates, swimming, biking. Just keep active and in shape – you don’t want to fall off the horse completely

  3. Sometimes buying a new workout shirt or shorts can help me get back into the swing of things, or a new running playlist!

  4. Have you tried finding a running buddy or just someone that will be looking for you outside?or something that gets up early too to keep you honest?
    I feel like if I don’t show up for my run the following things happen- every other run will look down on me, i’ll gain 100lbs, I’ll stop running, I become boring. Plus hitting the running high when I get to work is great!

    The first mile out in the morning is always the hardest, then you are thankful you did it.
    P.S. Go blackhawks!

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