School Spirited: Big 10K

If you’re anything like me, you’re a big fan of school. (#teacherproblem, for sure). Also, if you’re anything like me, you’re a big fan of frozen yogurt, HGTV, and the Bears.


The Big Ten Big 10K reached out to me and I wanted to share their race with you guys. The Big 10K is a 5- and 10-K race in Chicago that takes place on July 27th this year that is, clearly, Big 10 themed. All 12 of the Big 10 schools are represented and, added awesome bonus, it benefits Special Olympics.

(Image Source)

I may have not gone to a Big 10 school but I have heard fantastic things about this race from tons of people. My boss actually ran this race and raved about how much fun it was (even though she and I went to the same college). This seems like a race that’s right up my alley (fun, tons of spirit, and costumes). There’s even prizes for costumes and school-themed accessories.

You have to appreciate a race that takes you back to the glory days; it really seems like one big 6+ mile tailgate. Did I mention it’s nationally televised, there’s a tailgate party, andddd you get Goose Island beer? Fabulous!

If you’re around and looking for a fun race in the middle of your training, this looks like it might be a good one to try! Registration is $45 ($35 for the 5K) and if you register before July 1st-hurry!-you are guaranteed a shirt for the Big 10 college of your choice.

I’m not positive I can make it to this race, but I’ve actually wanted to do it since I heard about it last year. it sounds like a blast and I’m game for anything that involves mascots and sports. I may make a game time decision and rep whichever school I’m dealt.

Note: Big 10 Big 10K reached out to me to let you know about this race, but all opinions on it are my own.


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