My Sunday

It’s been a rather low key weekend; I’ve had to spend most of my time inside because of my pink eye but finally got to spend time with friends today! It felt good to get out of my apartment for a while!

I met up with my friend Meg to go to the beach; the day was gorgeous! It was great to lay out and play some paddle ball with her; I made sure to get really into the game so I could get at least a little exercise in! Then it was off to one of my favorite kinds of meals…sushi!

We went tonCafe Sushi in Old Town. I had never been but Meg recommended it and it was fantastically delicious.

Salad for me, spinach with peanut sauce for her. Both delicious! Then it was tons of sushi…

And I guess Meg could have some too.

But, seriously, there was altogether a lot of sushi involved.

That last fire cracker roll was particularly delicious. A fantastic meal.

These last few days my running has taken a back seat. I’m the first to admit I’m a weeny when I get sick. I try not to let it bring me down, though sometimes it’s a bit of a mental block to get back into it. Oh well, another day, another run. I’m going to go into tomorrow’s speed work with an open heart and a lot of enthusiasm!

Something to share: This article on Runner’s World was pretty interesting!

How many of the golden rules speak to you?

Do you like sushi?


5 thoughts on “My Sunday

  1. I really want to like sushi more. I tolerate it, but it hasn’t beckoned me back. It always looks so cool. I do like fruishi!

    I can’t say I listen too much to #5, i just run slower and go easy jogs.. #7 is interesting, I don’t know how popular that is with a lot of training programs anymore.

    The wind one is so true. Run into the wind for half of the run, thinking you’ll get that back… but you don’t even feel it looping back.

    #10 is a bit wacky. 20 mile runs was picked as an arbitrary distance. Europe does 18, Long runs shouldn’t be more than ~25% of your weekly miles. Its a big risk to recovery and injury.

    I really need to do the sleep rule, but aint no daddy got time for that

    Glad you got a day in at the beach and your eye is better! We had planned a beach day, but that didn’t happen 😦

  2. I went to Cafe Sushi this weekend too! Although, my roll wasn’t great (can’t remember what I got) it was a weird combo of things.

      1. I should have – I had a weird smokey crab one that tasted like they were trying to hard to make something ‘out of the box’

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