Today led up to one thing….

If we’re being completely honest, this entire day has only been about one thing and I’ve been dreaming about this for over a week.

This baby….

My college roommate Emily spotted a snippet about get yourselves ready…. Nutella milkshakes at Edzo’s Lincoln Park and considering our mutual undying love for the substance we had to make a date to go.

This stuff is magical and I am not ashamed to say I probably could have eaten all of it but I contained myself only ate 90% of it. I realized too late that I could have had it as a malt, but I won’t make that mistake ever again.

Did I mention that it came with the classic metal cup full of extra hazelnut-and-chocolate perfection?

Milkshakes or malts?


3 thoughts on “Today led up to one thing….

  1. I was in Lincoln Park on Wednesday, why could you not post this earlier. Darn! 😉

    I guess I’ll go up tomorrow! I prefer malts, they’re thicker.

  2. Oh goodness! Go 100% next time, that sounds super good! I honestly never thought of the fact that malts and shakes were different haha. I’ll say malt though.

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