I have this problem in that sometimes I eat an entire bag of baby carrots in one sitting.

20130619-204615.jpgI kid you not, that bad boy was opened less than 20 minutes ago. I have a hard time feeling bad about it though because, really? That could be a bag of M&Ms instead. I must be half rabbit.

Yesterday was pathetically gloriously uneventful. I made myself a taco salad with soy rizo and a side of bruschetta, because I couldn’t decide which I wanted.

20130619-204911.jpgAnd then-wait for it!-I went to bed! Seriously, I was in bed at 7:30, watched part of the first Spirit of the Marathon, and went to sleep. That was it. So apart from spending an embarrassingly long amount of time in pajamas, I did nothing of note.

Breakfast today was savory to the max. I wanted nothing to do with fruits so I made an mayo-less egg salad, again inspired by Julie. (For real though, have you seen the food recipes she has? Utterly amazing. She’s revolutionized my breakfasts)

The goods:
2 hard boiled eggs
1/2 an avocado
5 quartered cherry tomatoes
About 1/2 tbsp spicy brown mustard (I usually like my food spicier than this turned out, I might add more next time)
Salt and pepper to taste

It was a generous helping that was too much for the baguette I toasted to go with it but it was so satisfying and filling!

Workout: 4 miles total, speed session
I cheated myself yesterday by not doing the workout I had waiting (I did nothing, actually) so I knew I had to accomplish it today.
1 mile warmup, 2 miles at GP (9:30), then 4×400 @ 5k pace (8:00) with 90 sec rests

This was my first set of 400s ever and it was very intense but it felt really darn good to accomplish it. The last two 400s were particularly difficult; I got some stitches and was really trying to breathe through them. Thankfully during my last set my pandora account treated me to some inspirational words by the Biebs.

I’m alive I’m alive I’m alive.
And ohhh…I can fly I can fly I can fly.

I may not take him seriously always but it helped remind me I wasn’t going to keel over. I actually opened up and relaxed quite a bit during that last minute.

Now it’s time to finish cheering on the Blackhawks in what might be the highest scoring 2 periods I’ve ever seen in hockey.

Questions: do you incorporate speed work into your runs?

When’s the last time you had egg salad?


3 thoughts on “Bieb-spiration

  1. HAHA – I have the exact same problem with baby carrots! They’re just that good!

    I do speed-work in all my runs – even if it’s just a sprint at the end but I always do speed.

    The last time I had egg salad must have been mother’s day? I think, either that or when my grandmother came to visit a few weeks before that. It’s been awhile….

  2. I wish I could have that problem with carrots, maybe you can make a guest appearance in the next Peter Rabbit book!

    I’m still uneasy with intervals as I apparently hurt myself at every attempt. I’m supposed to have speed workouts for the first 9 weeks of the program, but I had to skip the 2nd week one (first week was 12×400) I’m glad you were able to push through them, I’ll just pretend you didn’t say the Bieb.. lol

    Last time I had egg salad… I think a month ago.
    I think you need to go to the UC and get a photo of MJ statue with the hawks jersey on!

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