Smoothie Central

Apparently while I was getting my hair cut last night it rained. Surprised me! But it meant there was a gorgeous rainbow when I left.

20130618-070612.jpg It was so clear! Did any other Chicagoans see it?

These past few days I’ve been inspired by Julie’s blog and my new-to-me blender to make smoothies for breakfast! I’m super happy my mom got a new blender because these smoothies have been quite filling and delicious!
In my smoothie:
-a frozen banana
-frozen strawberries
-chocolate protein powder
-peanut butter
-almond milk
-Greek yogurt (I added this in last minute because I ran out of almond milk and my smoothie was being stubborn. It got it all going perfectly!)

The result is not pretty but oh so delicious!

20130618-071313.jpg(Greenish-brown. Yum…)
I love me some spinach most of the time but I can’t taste it at all in the smoothie, which is a very good thing. I doubt it would blend well with strawberries/bananas/chocolate/peanut butter.

What a delicious and sweet way to start my day out with filling fruits and veggies! Definitely satisfied my sweet tooth!

What do you like in your smoothies? I want to try apples, but I’m not sure about the texture.


2 thoughts on “Smoothie Central

  1. I love rasberries and blueberries in my smoothies. I usually always start off with a base of low-fat plain vanilla yogurt and add in a splash of milk. My secret weapons are grapefruit juice and cinnamon apple sauce (though definitely not together)!

    PS – I’m having a giveaway on my blog today through Sunday!

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