The Color Run recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone went into their day as well as I somehow managed to (I didn’t have any caffeine today, which has never happened on a work day like, ever). I must have had leftover good vibes from yesterday’s race.

I did The Color Run with several coworkers. This is the 2nd time I’ve done the race but last year I didn’t have a blog so this is the first official recap it’s gotten.

This race has changed considerably from last year’s, mostly (I think) because of how high demand was after last year. It was held at Grant Park this year and thankfully it finally felt like summer because it was a gorgeous sunny day for a race!

The Color Run is a race inspired by-what else?- color! At each kilometer there’s a “Color zone” with a DJ and volunteers that throw powdered color at you. You start out in white clothes and end up a hot technicolor mess.

This race isn’t chipped or timed at all, it’s a total fun run, so my friends and I don’t put any pressure on racing here. We like to walk, talk, dance, frolic, and prance our way through this particular 5k. That being said, I have absolutely no idea how long I took. But I’d say about an hour if I had to guess.

As far as the course goes, you just wind your way through Grant Park streets, so there’s always nice views of the skyline and the lake. There was a very crowded water station after kilometer 3 and we had to wait a few minutes to get our cups. At the end they were giving out water and Kind bars.

There’s also a huge dance party with a DJ and tons of giveaways, and “color throws” where the crowd throws their powder in the air at the same time and dance. That is one of the highlights of the day. You’d think you we’re at some crazy music festival, and I literally couldn’t see Deanna and Emily next to me.

My coworkers and I were lucky in that we won a contest to be included on the VSX VIP lounge, so we got lockers, with locks (!), to store our gear.

However, I didn’t see any other gear check anywhere.

My VSX VIP bag had some killer loot in it!

Sports bra, tank, AND yoga pants. I thought I won the lottery.

Overall, this is a fantastic race that I always enjoy doing with my friends. It was huge this year and I almost prefer it had been smaller, but otherwise no complaints!

Some happy racers!


6 thoughts on “The Color Run recap

  1. Natalia, I’m so jealous you won that victoria’s secret thing! Agree that it was a little too crowded, major logjams at a few color stations, but so fun! Just wanted to say hi and I ❤ your blog!

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