I’ve been absent and this will be all over the place

I promise I have been thinking about this blog every day. Things just tend to get busy and before you know it it’s 10:30pm and you’re falling asleep sitting up. That being said, prepare yourselves for a post that will be everywhere, just to get you up to speed.

Food: I’ve been doing some good eating lately!
Meat has slowly found its way back into my diet, starting with Sunday’s shrimp. There’s definitely a lot less of it than usual and I’m finding ways to sneak more protein in too (my love for eggs has grown significantly). Here’s some snapshots!

(Are you surprised?)
I went to dinner with my friend Sarah (who may be moving to California next week!) on Thursday at Vapiano in Lincoln Park.

It’s fun, casual, with stations for each type of food. They use a swipe card system and you just pay at the end.

Yummy yummy yummy Toscana pizza. It had bruschetta, olives, pesto, pepperoni, and love baked in. I had just finished a run and pizza sounded perfect.

Sarah had spaghetti primavera and said it was delicious. I was a little jealous of the bread that came with her meal and not mine.

20130615-105728.jpgThen our mutual love for all things fro-yo emerged and we had to go.

Today so far I’ve had a yogurt bowl (see above), a banana, and a hard boiled egg, but I’m on my way to my parents for a family function so delicious food isn’t too far away.

Fitness: did two runs and one silly cross training day
Wednesday: there was a very stressful Blackhawks game that I had to watch so I made up a workout to go along with it!

It worked! I did wayyyyy more burpees than I wanted to but otherwise I had fun doing it! (note: I fell asleep about 0.3 seconds into the first OT so this workout only lasted regulation time)

Thursday: did a 4 mile run right before dinner with Sarah. My focus was to try to keep a tempo and it went okay. My splits ranged from 9:00 to 9:30 per mile. Definitely better than thinking my warmup is about 10 min/miles when it’s really 8:30s…

Friday: rest

Saturday: went for a 6 miles slow and easy run. Splits ranged from 9:30-10:00. My goal was to go easy so it was nice hearing such slow paces! I’m more consistent in maintaining a slow pace so I’ll start from there. Mile 1 “apparently” happened in under 8 minutes but after further inspection I found this:

I promised I did not run in a giant square in under a minute. From now on I’ll have to give my phone a minute to warm up. Or invest in something reliable like a Garmin.

Friends: this has been a great week for friends!
Spent the Blackhawks game with my sister, always a good time!
Dinner Thursday with Sarah was a wonderful time! I don’t see her nearly as much as I want to (and now that she’s moving even less so) but we always have a great time catching up!

Good luck in CA!
And to top it off a friend just came back into the city this morning from his first deployment. Always a blessing.

Tonight is my cousin Iza’s graduation party (where have the last 18 years gone?!) and tomorrow I’ve got the Color Run with my coworkers!

Question: what interesting things are you up to this weekend? Favorite pizza toppings? I like them all, just not at once.


2 thoughts on “I’ve been absent and this will be all over the place

  1. I fell asleep sitting up last night!….at like 9:30 watching smelliest animals on Nat Geo channel.. haha
    Vapianno’s is a great and easy place to eat! I wish it was a little close to me.

    And that work out routine during the game? now that’s committed!
    This weekend, went to M Henrietta! Bread pudding! Tomorrow french toast! running and trying to heal up my calf!

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