Running for Brews

Started this morning with a 20 minute bike workout. I woke up and did not want to get out of bed, but convinced myself I wouldn’t regret it. Funny how I always seem to be right about that 🙂

Today was technically only supposed to be a cross training day but, as Caitlin pointed out to me via text, I promised some fun posts today, so that’s why I participated in my first running group.

A few weeks ago Running for Brews invited me to join in their group, which had its second meeting today. The whole basis of the group is: they run, then they drink delicious beer. Clearly a cause I could get behind.

We meet at Emporium bar on Milwaukee and, a few minutes after 7, went for an almost 3 mile loop in the area. I dominated, relatively speaking, yet again.

The bonus in all this is that I spent over half of it having a conversation with Katie and Julia (not my sister or friend) and didn’t die. I think I have a 5k pace now. winner winner

After finishing up we went back into Emporium for the real reason I came post-run refreshments

I love when bars have a selection that I’m unfamiliar with. It’s always fun to try something new.

I went with the Great Divide Heyday, which was right up my alley and pretty delicious. The group also auctioned off a few free beers and will have tons more merchandise to give out once they get it here.

Overall I had a blast! It was really nice meeting other people that aren’t sick of talking about running (and, coincidentally, the dream retirement to Jamaica that both me and my new friend Julia had planned). I’m not normally the type that likes to talk to people while running but this was a definite change and I enjoyed it! The only downside is that Wicker Park is kind of inconvenient from my neighborhood and I didn’t get back until late (for me. But you should know I’m a grandma).

Now I’m eating enough leftover potatoes to satisfy the fact that I’ve had a snack size larabar and a quarter cup of oatmeal since 2:30 and going straight to bed!

My Chicago friends: do you have crazy fog near where you are?? It’s insane!

That’s a 20+ floor building down the street and it’s was hard to make out!


3 thoughts on “Running for Brews

  1. here was a crazy view of the fog:
    I’m still trying to find a group to do at least one social run with every week or so (Time and location rough). I want to get out to the Emporium some time! it looks like fun! If you’re a grandma, i’m in an assisted living community! hah
    nice job with your pace!

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