Working for the weekend!

Another weekend, another very busy schedule for me! Saturday after my run I had to get to work for our end of the year show and late luncheon. My coworkers and I had a little too much fun wearing the costumes after our students left.


You know you’re with preschool teachers when they wear these bomb accessories into public, down a street fair, and to the nice Italian restaurant for the school luncheon. 20130609-200953.jpg

But we look damn cute doing it! The luncheon was so much fun (I had to miss last year’s for a previously planned trip) and I really enjoyed spending an afternoon eating, drinking, and laughing with the greatest coworkers on the planet. 20130609-201023.jpg

My pasta dinner could have served 193 people and everyone at my table that was too silly to ask for it had to try it once (or six times). There’s also an auction and raffle each year and it was really the highlight of the afternoon. My entire school is clearly competitive with each other and everyone got way more into it than we probably should have. 20130609-201035.jpg

Fun fact: I usually don’t win anything for long periods of time and then win big. Like senior year of high school when I won a mini fridge. Or today, when I won this Polish rite of passage:


and a bottle of wine! I think there was some sort of lucky streak going on at my table because nearly everyone won something. And Joanne won 4 times (including the two bottles of wine she’s displaying in the blurry picture)20130609-201052.jpg


Overall it was a beautiful Saturday spent with some very inspiring and wonderful coworkers! What a way to “end” the year!


Sunday: almost as busy as Saturday, but just as fun! I got to spend the early part of the morning relaxing, eating a great breakfast, and watching some quality TV (Food Network. The Pioneer Woman is amazing.)20130609-201157.jpg

Look familiar? It’s my ubiquitous yogurt bowl from this past week. Finished up the strawberries today so you’re probably spared from more of these shots for a while until I buy more groceries Tuesday. And I also finished up this beautiful jar of peanut butter. Prepare for an extreme close up.
(I warned you)

I had plans with my friend Jeff in the afternoon and, while I was waiting for him, the hunger bug struck again. I pulled out my newest favorite savory snack. YUM

The other day Jeff and I made plans to do some “Super Chicago” things and decided to visit a few museums on this gorgeous day! We first went to the Museum of Contemporary Art and managed to walk through the entire thing.


Today was the last day of the “MOTHERS” sign that seems to have been here forever! I’m so glad I got to see it one more time before it leaves, and it was neat to see them take it down. A few of the exhibits were still being assembled so we had a chance to go through the entire museum in one go. That’s probably for the best considering how slow of a museum goer I am (don’t take me to the Field Museum unless you feel like staying for 6-8 weeks).

(Another piece of work that I found beautiful but confusing. That’s just how contemporary art works with me though.)

After finishing up there we decided to grab lunch, and what better place than foodlife in Water Tower Place! I used to go here all the time when I was young and was excited to relive it. I opted for some make-your-own stir fry with shrimp and all sorts of other goodies, which was great! The gentleman running the booth was also super sweet and polite; definitely loved my experience there!
They had some delicious looking teas too! I tried the raspberry and it was very flavorful!

And what was to finish up lunch than with a free dessert??
Another fun fact: I won a sizeable gift certificate for Sprinkles cupcakes and have been slowly working through it for the last year and a half. (I’m nowhere near being finished with it. Come visit me and we can have a cupcake date!)
I went with Key Lime (it was fine) and Jeff had Red Velvet (which is always incredible)

We walked down Michigan to the Museum of Contemporary Photography to visit a spectator sport exhibit that I found pretty interesting!



Contemporary art about sports? Now that I can get behind! I loved looking at all of these works! Again, this is a pretty small place and we managed to see it all in an hour.


A busy day called for a low key exercise weekend! Feeling great after yesterday’s 5 miles (sorry that post didn’t show up until so much later!) and today’s rest should make me very ready for tomorrow’s 2-a-day workout! I’m going to have a great new experience to recap tomorrow. Get excited!


2 thoughts on “Working for the weekend!

  1. Sounds like a super fun weekend! Way to go winning prizes! you need to enter in a race asap and see if you can win something there too!!

    How did you enjoy Misommarfest? (Saw the signs of Andersonville and the restaurant in the photo)
    Pioneer woman cookbooks are great! My wife has two of them! NOM NOM NOM

    1. I’m not NEARLY fast enough to win a race yet, but maybe that’ll be a good goal! I didn’t spend too much time at Midsommarfest (spent most of it at the restaurant for a work function) but I had a blast either way!

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