I’m a terrible pacer

It’s probably in everyone’s best interest to never ask me to pace anyone because I am clearly terrible at it.

Workout: went out for a 5 mile run with the intention to do 11:00 min/miles (again this silly idea that I’ll do a 9:30 pace marathon) and, well, this happened.

I honesty felt like I was shuffling the first two miles, or like mile 1 must have been a glitch. Clearly not. I did start losing a steam during the last two miles but I thought I was running pretty consistently the whole time. Guess I’ve found yet another part of my running to work on. (Because learning to run 26.2 miles is obviously not enough)

After some Nuun and a shower I got down to making a sizable breakfast. I have a work function to attend and know I won’t have another chance to eat until our late lunch at 3 so I wanted to keep myself full for a long time.

I sautéed up some corn, spinach, mushrooms, and broccoli and then put it into an omelette with a Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb wedge.

This is my most successful omelette to date! I’m guilty of turning most of mine into scrambles.

Now it’s off to work for an end-of-the-year type performance by the students and a staff luncheon!

What’s on the agenda for the weekend? What’s your favorite way to eat eggs?


6 thoughts on “I’m a terrible pacer

  1. I like eggs over easy with toast and jam.

    It’s been a busy weekend. I went to my alma mater, Knox College, for commencement as I’m on the Alumni Council. Got back yesterday afternoon and have been resting up from 2 weeks of travel. Tonight I went to the Hofbrauhaus for dinner – makes me miss the original in Munich. The Chicago version is in Rosemont of all places!

      1. It’s good! We should organize a running blogger meet up there 😉 ….any excuse to go back! The Rosemont location is definitely in a strange location but as it’s out by the airport it’s fairly easy to get to (except there’s no signage – it’s behined Movico). They have a band from Germany and the food and beer is good as always! It’s definitely worth a visit!

  2. Do you think there was a chance your GPS was off for a bit if your body was telling you otherwise? Or maybe there was a breeze at your back to start? Your peak speed came right around the time a body warms up at , 1.5 miles, at least according to training plans. Maybe to help internalize your pace, set your running app to tell you your pace like every 1/4 to 1/2 mile to help you even yourself out until you get closer to your time (I have to do this).

    Mushrooms? YUCK GROSS ICK!
    I too suffer from omelette to scramble cooking technique! lol
    Saturday I went to midsommarfest and Sunday was more of a lazy day! I like my eggs, like i like my run, fast, runny, and with bread!

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