Tempo Thursday; Take 1

So I guess I’m a real deal training marathoner now because I do things like tempo runs on Thursdays.

Workout: 1 mile warmup plus 3 mile tempo run at GP+1:00. I did something like a 10:30 for the tempo part

I did my first tempo run on the treadmill, because I know I’m a pretty bad judge of tempo and keeping a consistent pace. That might be something I want to learn by October.

Now to be honest I don’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell actually aim to run at a 9:30 but considering a tempo of GP+1 would be slower than my actual warm up, I decided to push myself a little bit and I’ll probably be using 9:30 as a goal until further notice (aka when I realize that a 9:30 pace marathon is going to be impossible and I’m kicking myself for even mentioning to anyone that it was a possibility).

After stretches, icing, water, and rolling, it was time for dinner. One of my readers pointed out how healthy my meals have been lately so this one is to prove that I am indeed mortal and sometimes a grade school dinner is just what I need.



The strawberries and nectarine prior to this meal made it at least a little healthier. The sriracha made it a grown up mac n cheese. The fact that I only bought this macaroni because of the Monsters Inc shaped macaroni? Ruins my entire argument.

Some of us are young at heart.

Tonight I also got to have a nice treat in spending time with my sister for the first time since her move. We had a DIY beer flight while watching the Hawks game.

PicMonkey Collage

When I was cat-sitting for my coworker last week, her fiance and she left me some of their home brews to taste! They’re amazing and I really think they need to start selling them.

Questions: What was your favorite childhood dinner?
For my 21+: Beer or wine?


One thought on “Tempo Thursday; Take 1

  1. Adult Mac and Cheese! That is awesome! After college, I can’t eat Mac and Cheese anymore. I’ve tried all types, fancy, basic. Although my daughter LOVES velveeta cups of macaroni!

    What is GP+1 (or what is GP?), what running plan are you doing again?
    DIY beer sounds great!

    My favorite childhood dinner…I was a FAT kid, so I ate like a monster since I was in the 5th grade, but i LOVED ribs.. yes a full rack and a big dessert.

    I like some amber ale, but I like sweeter flavors now, like Cider beers. For wine, does Honey wine or cranberry wine count? hah!

    Happy Friday!

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