Happy National Running Day!

This post may have nothing to do with running, but I needed to mention it anyway. Today was a failed cross training strength and core work day, so I coincidentally did not get to do much running. I did squeeze some in during the outdoor time with my students, which is probably the best way to run. No pictures though 😦

After I got home, I dug into the lunch that I forgot to bring with me, which quickly became dinner. I had a few leftover Trader Joe’s cheese and arugula ravioli in my freezer from back in the stone age, so I cooked those up last night with some grape tomatoes and spinach. Image

I tossed it with some olive oil and balsamic.

I also had a hard boiled egg with it for some extra protein.


Then I got to some core work!


I somehow made it through the 12 minute workout only needing to stop once or twice. It was much more sore than I thought from Monday’s BBF class. Damned delayed onset. But I felt even more accomplished once I had finished….

Accomplished enough to make myself dessert!
Trader Joe’s has been really helpful in helping me cut down on my crazy sweet tooth today.

It was my light take on chocolate covered strawberries. YUM!


4 thoughts on “Happy National Running Day!

  1. You eat more veggies in two days than I do in a weak it seems! I tell myself every day to round out my diet, but thank you for reminding me! (seriously, how many carbs do I consume a day, its sick)

    the cross training of muscles always leaves that fun feeling when you try to use them again. Tuesdays when I do a medium length run in the morning then do ab work in the afternoon, it feels like i’m on my 3rd set, not my first rep! hah

    Enjoy your day !

    1. I’m usually pretty carb-heavy too but I’m slowly trying to cut down on that and sugar. Plus I haven’t really eaten meat since Memorial Day (random bleeding heart moment that’s stuck) so I’ve definitely been upping the veggies! My lunches, which are served by my school, are much more carb heavy than I’d like to say though. So no worries! I get my fix

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